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Hi, I’m Maku Seun, a Direct Response Copywriter and a Digital Marketer.

I help online business owners 10X sales and revenue by writing high-converting sales letters and email copy.

Hot Sales & Email Copy
to 10X your Online Sales!

If you need sales letters or email copy for your products or services, if you want to 10X your online sales and revenue, get in touch with me now and you’ll run circles round your competition and instantly 10X your online sales.

Why we should work together!

  1. You’ll instantly 10X online sales.
  2. I’m super easy to work with.
  3. I won’t stop until you’re satisfied.
  4. You’ll get your work done in time.
  5. 8+ years of experience writing sales and email copy.

What I Do!

Sales Letters

High converting long form sales letters to get more leads and 10X sales for your products or services.

Email Sales Copy

High converting email sales copy to 10X sales for your products or services.




"...I think you're going to be an unstoppable person. You have the skills, you have a really good grasp of your words. Keep doing it, man... You're doing great."
Nayan Pathak
Digital Marketer
"Thanks Seun. I love it. I am very pleased with your service and I am very grateful."
Mrs Padebi Ojomo
CEO, Social Media School
Thanks a lot, Seun.
Mrs Gbemi


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