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10 Killer Copywriting Tips That Boost Sales

10 Killer Copywriting Tips: How To Write An Effective Sales Letter That Sells

Would you like to know the copywriting tips that boost sales? Keep reading…

Whether it’s a sales letter or a website copy, all business owners need effective copy to drive conversion.

This is why in this post, you’ll see the 10 killer copywriting tips you can use to boost sales and conversion in your business.

1. Use plenty of paragraph breaks

Use more white space in your copy.

Nobody wants to read a whole block of paragraphs, it’s a bit daunting.

Also, use short paragraphs and sentences.

2. Put your customers first

The reason you’re writing your copy in the first place is to educate and hopefully, convert your reader into a paying customer, right?

So, if you don’t tailor your content to the customers’ needs, there’s no way that person will become a paying customer.

Therefore, what you should do is write a website or sales copy that answers the question, “What’s in it for me“.

This way, your customer will find value in your content and will want to do business with you.

3. Use emotions to instigate action

Emotional copywriting is used to make your customer pay close attention and eventually take action.

That’s why it’s important to use it across your copy.

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All you have to do is sprinkle some emotional words throughout your copy that catches and holds the attention of the reader.

Note: Don’t overdo it!

You don’t have to litter your sales copy with emotional adjectives just to incite the emotions of the reader. 

Write a simple sales copy that a sixth-grader can understand and replace some words with emotional words.

4. Use everyday language to avoid confusion

It’s a sales and website copy. Not a school thesis. You’re not trying to impress anyone here.

Therefore, use simple, everyday language so people can flow easily when reading your copy. They don’t need to have a dictionary by their side when reading your copy.

Use simple words and phrases.

5. Tell a story to become memorable

People love and remember stories. 

When you use storytelling in your copy, it increases your conversion rate, makes your brand memorable, and turns customers into repeat buyers.

6. Use sub-headings

79% of people scan a web page before reading it.

They’re looking for words and phrases that catch their attention to let them know if the copy is worth reading.

That’s why it’s important to break your copy into subheadings to make things stand out.

Sometimes, only about 16% of people read every word on a web page.

Follow these steps when writing web copy:

  1. Break long pieces of copy up into manageable chunks.
  2. Insert a sub-heading to introduce each section. They need to be very benefit-driven. Don’t talk conceptually – be blunt and include the appropriate keywords.
  3. Make sure the sub-heading is in bold.
  4. For SEO reasons, assign an h2 or h3 tag to it.
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7. Remove all spelling errors

Nothing kills the impact of a website copy than when it is littered with a bunch of spelling errors.

Proofread your work.

Although sometimes I’m guilty of this, I try every time to proofread my work and make sure there are no grammatical errors and poor spellings in my copy.

Here’s how you can proofread your work:

  1. Never rely on a spell-checker. Use one but don’t leave things there.
  2. Don’t just proof your work on a screen. Print it off and review a hard copy of what you’ve created.
  3. Proof your copy in different rooms and at different times – our brains can become complacent and used to a routine.
  4. Read your work from the bottom up to keep your mind fresh.

8. Be authentic 

It’s easy to create a website but much more difficult to get someone to buy.

That’s why it’s important to approach your customers like a real human being.

  1. Have an about page, tell a story about who you are and why you can help them.
  2. Be true to yourself, don’t copy a competitor. If you have an opinion about an industry, stick to it.
  3. Blog on a regular basis and solve problems your customers will have.
  4. Ditch the sleazy marketing hype and gimmicks. Remember, people aren’t stupid.

9. Talk about benefits, not features

How will your offer help the customer?

That’s what the customer wants to know.

A customer trying to buy a TV does not really care about the color of the set, all he wants to know is, will this TV save him more money in the long run?

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Will it damage his eyes and that of his kids?

Will his wife love him more for bringing such a dope-ass set home?

Talk about how your product will help your customer and you will see a boost in conversion.

10. Use clear CTAs

If you’ve created an amazing copy but you don’t give your reader a clear call to action at the end, you’ve wasted an opportunity and left money on the table.

Having a persuasive and relevant call to action is one of the major requisites of a sales copy or website copy.

Also, always test your CTAs to get the one that converts the most.

Conclusion: Killer copywriting tips

If you have not used any of these killer copywriting tips in your copy, it is time you did.

That way, you can convert more prospects into paying customers and grow your business.

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