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How to Get More Sales Using This Perfect Formula



This is the formula for investigating anything.

  • Who are you advertising to?
  • What does your product do for them?
  • Why is it superior to alternative products?
  • How can you prove your case?
  • Where should you advertise to reach prime prospects?
  • When is the best time to reach them?

“You can’t save souls in an empty church,” said David Ogilvy.

“And you can’t bore people into buying your product.”That’s why Ogilvy sought to hire copywriters “with richly-furnished minds.

“How can you have a richly-furnished mind and write copy so interesting that, in the words of legendary Copy Chief, Vic Schwab, it’s “easier to read than to skip”?

Before you write a word of copy, answer these questions satisfactorily.

What do these questions have in common? Curiosity.

The best copywriters are those with richly furnished minds.

A mind that’s curious 24/7.

These 5W1H questions will lead you to more.

And you keep pulling at that string.

The main aspect of your 5Ws and 1H is the WHY.


To write compelling copy with a Midas touch, ask at least one good “why?” every day and,

Like a dog with a bone, gnaw on it until you’re satisfied.

  • Why is this product such a red-hot seller?
  • Why did this headline out pull the control by 60%?
  • Why is our renewal rate falling?
  • Why are our sales much higher in California?
  • Why do women comprise 80% of my practice?
  • Why do I want to take on this project?

When researching a product, use the 5W1H formula to find out everything you can about the product.

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Let your WHY be at the forefront of the army.

Do this and your copy will not only attract attention but also hit the psychological trigger of greed in your prospect.



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