6 Magic Words That Sell Courses And Products Every Time

Do you want to know the magic words used to sell more products and services? Read on…

What does a business owner need to sell their products or courses?


Words are the magic that salesmen use to get new clients to purchase what they are selling.

In this post, you’re going to see the magic words that sell more products and courses.

To be effective, you need to pick your words and message cautiously.

Some of these copywriting power words include:

  • You
  • Their name
  • Value
  • Imagine 
  • Because
  • Opportunity

A long email composed without thought is very different than a thoroughly examined email, with the message and word decision investigated ahead of time.

So how would you realize which words are the best to use?

We’ve researched and discovered 6 magic words that will assist you with selling more products and courses.

1. You

At the point when you are trying to offer something to someone else (be it sales or marketing), the fundamental key to remember is you need to attempt to close the deal relevant to them!

Nobody needs to work with somebody who just talks about their organization, their solution, bla bla bla!

People need to hear what is relevant to them, what it means for them, and why it’s intriguing for them.

So when you practice your sales pitch, figure out how to bring the client back into the pitch.

Try to consistently make it about your customers!

2. Their Name

People love to talk about themselves. And they like it when their names are being called.

Following the point above, people need to talk and find out about themselves.

Apart from using the word “you” however much as could be expected, discovering ways to repeat their name all through your sales message is an incredible way to keep them locked in.

Your client will feel like you’ve made something modified only for them and will help them with remaining zeroed in on your pitch.


Mentally, we are wired to focus better when somebody says our name.

3. Value

So now you realize that you should zero in on bringing the client into the discussion and repeating their name all through your correspondences.

In any case, how would you make the pitch intriguing for them?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

You need to convey unequivocally the worth that your product or course offers, not a list of features and product details.

People couldn’t care less about details, yet they do think often about the subsequent incentive of using a potential product.

4. Imagine

Imagine is certainly one of those extraordinary, magic words that help to pass on your sales message.

Rather than just “telling” your potential client why they should purchase your product, you ought to clarify its incentive through a story.

By having your lead imagine a story, particularly a story fundamentally the same as their circumstance, they will imagine themselves in that circumstance using your product.

5. Because

While “because” may not be as magical as “imagine”, it fills a solid need for sales.

Rather than trying to say why your product is better, why they need to get it, and so on — back yourself up with valid justifications using because.

6. Opportunity

Rather than zeroing in on your client’s “problem”, zero in on introducing an “opportunity” to them.

Problem is a negative idea, and showing how you will create a new opportunity for your client will put a positive light on your argument.

Have you used any of these magic words?

Go through your sales message, if it turns out you haven’t used any of these magic words that sell, you should incorporate some or more of them in your message. 

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