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How to Boost Sales by Addressing Your Customer’s Objections

Addressing Your Customer's Objections

Here’s a story on how to boost online sales by addressing your customer’s objections.

Two guys were arguing,

I can’t remember exactly what it is they were arguing about.

But I know the tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

The first guy wanted the second guy to do something,

But the second guy didn’t want to.

Then a third party came in.

Calmed both of them down,

and asked what the problem was.

After hearing from both sides,

The third-party calmly spoke to the second person and this second guy decided to do what the first guy wanted.

I didn’t hear what was said, so I was curious.

After both men who were arguing left,

I asked the third guy what he said.

He replied that he didn’t say anything special.

He just mentioned that he understood the objection of the second guy and told him that even if anything happens to the papers, he would tell their boss that he was the one who asked him to do it.

This is a story of persuasion.

The second guy didn’t want to do something because he had some concerns that the first guy refused to acknowledge.

And the third guy addressed his concerns and he was happy to do the assignment.


Address your reader’s concerns in your sales letters.

Everyone has concerns before they buy anything,

You’ll be a true salesperson if you address those concerns.

Addressing your customer’s objections makes them lower their guards and be more receptive to you and your message.

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You can have an FAQ section at the end of your sales copy.

And if you’re writing a short ad,

Addressing an objection could be your whole sales message.

E.g: “2-year warranty on all products you buy from us and 3 years free repair if broken.”

Ensure your sales messages address people’s objections and you’ll suck in sales like a vacuum cleaner.