Are Sales Letters Effective?

Are Sales Letters Effective?

If you would like to know if sales letters are effective, read this article until the end.

So the question… Are sales letters effective?

The short answer?


Here’s why:

Sales letters have the power to boost your business by over 1300%. 

This is not a number to laugh at.

But before you can get this astronomical change in your business, you must learn how to write an effective sales letter.

Being able to write an effective sales letter is like printing money.

Once you learn how to write a good sales letter, you will never go broke.

What is a sales letter?

A sales letter is simply a written message you write to sell your products or services to prospects.

This sales letter could be long and it could be short (depending on the price of your product and how new the product or service is to the public).

If your product is expensive, you will need to write more to convince your prospect.

If the product is new, you need to educate your prospects more on the about.

I’m sure you might be asking…

If the sales letter is long, will people still read it?

If your prospect is interested in your product, they’ll read the sales letter.

Buyers read.

So, don’t worry about that.

Give your prospect enough information that’ll persuade them to buy.

The major element of an effective sales copy

If you want to write the type of sales letter that turns complete strangers into buying customers, here’s the secret…

Target emotions.


People make buying decisions based on emotions and try to justify them with logic.

Therefore, if you want to write a sales letter that sells the crap out of itself, learn how to write emotionally compelling copy.

And under this emotional writing, hit different psychological triggers. (This is another topic in itself and I have answered what psychological triggers are and how you can use them to make more sales here).

Learn the 12 most powerful psychological triggers that move humans to action and you will have people eating from the palm of your hands.

The things I have just mentioned above are the tip of the iceberg on writing an effective sales letter.

And there’s more to it; like your sales letter structure and sales letter formulas.

But don’t let all of this information discourage you from using sales letters and direct marketing to sell more products and services.

You can learn how to write a good sales letter in one month. (With diligent everyday effort).

But if you don’t have the time to learn how to write a sales letter, you can hire a freelance copywriter like myself to help grow your business.

So yes,

Sales letters are effective and still work in today’s marketing world.

And the thing is,

It doesn’t matter the type of business you are in. A good sales letter will skyrocket your business.


Because the concept of sales and persuasion can be transferred to any business.

A good sales copy hits on a primal level and if you can do this, you are a living, breathing cash machine.

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Maku Seun is a freelance copywriter and direct response marketer. He helps digital marketers, coaches, and course creators boost sales by writing compelling sales copy which includes long-form sales letters, email copy, and website copy for their products and services. If you want him to write compelling sales copy for your business, click here.