Be Honest! That’s How to Boost Sales

A socialite and her husband were to attend a glamorous party.

She wanted a piece of expensive jewelry she saw in a store.

It was a diamond necklace.

She asked her husband to buy it.

But it was too expensive and he didn’t have that amount of money.

It cost about 20,000 dollars.

But she must have it.

One day, while she was visiting a friend, and saw that her friend had that same jewelry she wanted.

So she borrowed it.

On the night of the party, she wore a beautiful and expensive necklace.

Everyone admired it and showered her with compliments.

She was over the moon.

She and her husband had a good time.

But when they got home…

They realized the necklace wasn’t on her neck.

Panicking, the husband rushed back to the party and began frantically looking for the necklace.

He never found it.

She had misplaced her friend’s very expensive jewelry and had to replace it.

But instead of telling her friend what had happened…

She convinced her husband to go to the store and buy the exact jewelry they saw…

The poor man had no choice.

So they bought the very expensive jewelry on credit and gave her friend… deceiving her that it’s her original jewelry.

Now they had to work to pay it off.

She fired all her maids and had to work multiple jobs for the first time in her life to pay off the jewelry.

Also, she removed herself from the gathering of her socialite friends because she wasn’t on their level anymore.

She was poor.

It took them ten years, but she and her husband finally paid off the jewelry.

Then one day, while going to the market, she saw her friend she borrowed the jewelry from.

By now, the years of hard work had taken a toll on her.

She looked old and weak.

So she decide to come clean to her friend since she had paid off the jewelry.

She told her friend what happened, and how she lost the jewelry and had to replace it with the one in the store, and then work ten years to pay it off.

Her friend looked at her in shock and said,

You shouldn’t have done that! The jewelry I gave you was only $500. It was a knock-off.”


In all your dealings with people, be transparent.

Especially in your sales letters.

If you start concocting lies in your sales message,

People are like BS detectors.

They’ll smell it a mile away and you’ll never make a sale.

And even if you do make a sale here and there, there are two damages you’re doing to yourself and your business…

  1. You’ll never hear from them again.
  2. You’d have destroyed a potential long-term profitable relationship.

And this advice doesn’t just work with sales, it works with life in general.

Be honest and transparent.

Imagine if this woman had told her friend right from the start that she misplaced her jewelry, she wouldn’t have wasted ten years of her life.

Please, be honest.

Never lie to your prospect.

I can’t over-emphasize just how important this fact is.

A word is enough for the wise.

Stay frosty,


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