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How To Consistently Beat Your Own Sales Records

The One Simple Way To Beat Your Own Sales Records Consistently

Want to know how you can consistently beat your sales records?

I’ll show you.


As a business owner or aspiring direct response copywriter, you must continue to outdo yourself so you don’t get washed up.

Don’t be satisfied with your conversion rate, unless you hit 100%.

And even with that, you shouldn’t rest because if you do, your conversion rate reduces.

So, what is the secret to beating your records constantly?


That’s right. Testing!

You should always test one copy against another. Always test a headline against another, etc.

The elements of your sales copy you need to test are:

  1. Headlines
  2. Body copy
  3. Call to action
  4. Opening sentence
  5. Pre-headline qualifier

These elements are the most important in a sales letter and it’s important to test them.

The BIGGEST element in your sales letter you should test is the…


The headline can make or break your sales letter.

Note: When testing various elements of your sales letter, ensure you test only one element at a time. And the most important is the headline. At least begin with it.

And because more people read the headline than any other part of the sales letter, it just makes sense to test the headline first.

Now, you can test the other elements of your sales letter, but the headline is one that you can focus on if you don’t have the budget to test every single part of your sales letter.

Tip: If your sales letter is not converting, the main element to test is the headline

The chances that you’ve written a decent body copy are high and all you need to change is the headline.

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That’s why some copywriters give their clients more than one headline to test after they’ve written a sales letter for them.

So, always ensure to have a host of possible headlines for one sales copy. One of them is sure to be a winning headline.

The body copy

This can be the most stressful part of testing a sales copy because the sales letter is usually long which means you’ll have to write it all over.

Especially when your sales copy is being critiqued by a seasoned copywriter, it can be brutal.

So, when you realize that the body of your sales letter is not up to par, tear it up and start again.

Here, you can use a different sales letter formula.

The most effective sales letter formula is the Problem-Agitation-Solution (PAS) formula.

My advice is to pick one of the many formulas and master it.

That way, whenever you write a sales letter, your body copy will be on point and you wouldn’t have to rewrite it.

You’ll only focus on the headline and call to action.

Call to Action

This is where you tell the reader to buy what you’re selling.

And the way you do it is important.

If your call to action sucks – but the rest of your copy is good – chances are you’ll get decent sales but not as much as you’d like.

And remember, you want to keep outshining yourself.

So, it’s best to keep trying different calls to action to get better results than your control copy.

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Opening sentence

The opening sentence comes after the headline.

And its job is to tell the reader what the sales copy is about.

Here, you answer the “What’s in it for me?” question that all your readers are thinking about.

Take a look at your opening sentence now and see if it talks about the reader’s needs.

If it doesn’t, write a new one.

Pre-qualifier headline

This is the headline before your main headline.

You don’t want people not interested in losing weight to read your sales letter about a weight loss program, do you?

So, in your pre-qualifying headline, let them know who is to read the letter.

Are you a single mom juggling work, kids, and housework without time to visit the gym…?

Now, anybody who is not a single mom, who doesn’t have children, and who has a maid or nanny should not read this letter.

When a single mother with kids and no nanny or housemaid who wants to lose weight reads the pre-qualifier, she knows the letter is about her and will want to read more.

It’s like telling every other person, “This letter is not for you, move on.

So, test your pre-qualifying headline so you attract the right audience to your letter.


This is how you can continuously outshine your previous sales and conversion as a business owner or copywriter.

Always test.

And the most essential elements of your sales letter that you should test are:

  1. Headline
  2. Body copy
  3. Call to action
  4. Opening sentence
  5. Pre-headline qualifier
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Test these elements against your control copy (That’s the copy that is already bringing in profits for your business) and watch as you continuously shatter your sales records.

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