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5 Best Copywriting Formulas That Boost Sales

The 5 Best Copywriting Formulas You Can Use Today To Boost Sales

Copywriting formulas can help you write better and faster copy.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I sat there looking at a blank computer screen without a tiny clue about how to start writing.

And the thing is…

When I decided to use a simple copywriting formula, the game changed.

With the copywriting formulas in this post, you’ll be able to write faster and with more confidence.

You should use copywriting formulas before you write anything.

So, let’s dive right into it.

Copywriting formulas for web pages

There are so many copywriting formulas to use.

But in this post, I’ll only show you the five major ones.

They’re all effective and whichever one you choose for content or sales copy, you’ll be fine.

Copywriting formula #1: AIDA

AIDA is a simple copywriting formula copywriters have been using for a long time.

And it is very simple to understand. 

Copywriting Formula: aida

Attention – Grab the attention of your reader by presenting something they’re interested in. 

This is accomplished at the beginning of your copy… usually the headline.

Interest – Engage their mind with unusual, counter-intuitive, or fresh info

Desire – Engage their heart so they want what you’re offering. 

You can accomplish this by using emotionally stimulating words to get them to want what you offer.

Action – Ask them to take the next step

Think about one of your lead-gen pages or an opt-in box. Moz does this well

Copywriting formula #2: PAS

This is the problem agitation solution formula.


Define the customer’s problem.

You are in business because you want to solve the problems of your customers.

Therefore when writing a copy using this formula, you’ll have to let them know about the problem.


Blow up the problem.

Why is the problem stressful to your reader?

What emotions do people experience when they face this problem?

This is what you are trying to tap into in this stage of this powerful copywriting formula.

Amplify the problem so that readers become emotionally involved as they know what that negative experience is like.

This stage of this killer copywriting formula also resonates as an engaged reader identifies that the business understands his/her predicament.


After amplifying the problem, offer the solution.

This is where you offer your product or service as the solution to the problem.

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Here, you will present your offer, and price, and tell them how you can solve their problems.

This is also the part where you will ask them to take action.

Copywriting formula #3: The 4 P’s

  • Picture
  • Promise
  • Prove
  • Push

Here’s how it works.


This is the process of painting a picture for the reader.

You use emotional language to help them visualize how your product or service will help them.

No facts or figures here.

Just plain use of the imagination.

Plus the use of emotive language to paint a picture for the reader.

The point of this formula is to get the reader to engage emotionally with what they’re reading.


In this stage copywriting formula, you will promise that the picture will come true if the reader will buy your product or service.

This promise is what your product (or content) is going to DO for the reader.

How will it improve their lives?

What will it do for them?

These are all the questions you need to answer.

Also, you should appeal to their logical side of the brain here.

Show them statistics, and studies, and give them strong logical reasons related to your product or service.

That will make them believe in the words you are saying.

And lastly…


This is where you prove what you’re saying is true.

This can be accomplished in the form of testimonials, a list of clients you’ve worked with, a portfolio, etc.

These should be based on the results you’ll get for them.


Now it’s time to take action.

This step of this copywriting formula is pretty much the same as the one in AIDA.

So I’m not going to fill your head with the same stuff and let’s move on!

Copywriting formula #4: ACCA


This is the process of making sure the consumer is aware that your product or service exists.

You can do this through advertising where you throw a huge announcement…

The announcement can be in the form of… “Discover a new way to.….”


In this stage, the reader must understand what the product is and what it can do for them.

Here, you’ll have to explain and give lots of logical reasons as to why they need the product.

This can be accomplished in the form of testimonials and a client list.


Here, the reader must be convinced to buy your product.

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Appeal to their emotion.

Make them imagine they’re using your product.

Show them your offer and all its benefits.


This is where you convince the reader to take action and buy the product.

Create a sense of urgency to get them to buy.

Copywriting Formula #5: H-O-C-O-B-T-V-G-C-U

What the hell is this?



Let me explain.

This copywriting formula was gotten from Dan Lok

It starts with a headline.

Then it continues with opening, credentials, offer bullets, testimonials, value justification, guarantee, call to action, and urgency.

It is quite different from the others, isn’t it?

Well, this is a copywriting template.

You will soon see for yourself.


The headline aims to grab your reader’s attention.

There are many types of headlines that work well.

And they include Question headlines, Newsy headlines, and How-to Headlines.


Next is the opening

This stage is important because this is where most people stop reading if you don’t give them sufficient reason to continue.

It should immediately show that they are desirable rewards to be gotten from reading the message.

Also, it should be easily readable.

If your sales copy has a bad opening, you won’t sell a thing.


Here, you talk a little bit about yourself and build authority.

People want to do business with experts.

Tell the readers about your experiences and reward (if you have any)

Let them know how long you’ve been in business, how many successes you’ve had, and how long you’ve been in business.

People respect authority and they prefer and trust it.


This is where you’ll show them what you’re offering and also show them the price.

Give them the solution to their problems.

Show them every feature and benefit.

Make them imagine that they are using your product or service, etc.


This is a brief statement showing prospective clients the benefits of your product or service.

It is something like this:

  • Let’s you pay $24,000 less in taxes.
  • Triples your revenue!
  • You will discover the copywriting secret that will skyrocket your credibility to another level.

Bullets help increase readability and appeal to your readers’ greed.

Also, they let you show every benefit of your product or service.


Here you show your reader how the product and service have helped other clients of yours.

When your reader sees that other people are singing the praises of your product or service, they’ll be more inclined to make a purchase.

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This is called social proof.

Value justification

This is where you tell the reader why they should buy from you instead of the competition.

This is your unique selling proposition.

Stress the unique benefit of your product.

This is a must if you want to make the sale.


Guarantees are shutting down the wall of cynicism, skepticism, and fear.

When you offer your prospect a strong guarantee you’re taking all the risk from their shoulders.

The more different the offer the stronger the guarantee.

Call to Action 

This is the stage you tell the reader what to do.

Is it clicking a button or filling a form?

Even if it seems obvious to the reader what he/she needs to do, you must tell them.

Close the sale with call-to-action phrases like:

  • Learn More
  • Order Now
  • Unlock The Cash Vault Right Away!


You turn up the heat here.

Most people will try procrastinating before buying.

Your job here is to let them think that your offer is limited.

You can accomplish this through the three steps below:

• Deadline. Create limited-time offers.

Urge them to respond in some time, and tell them that if they won’t, they won’t get a second chance.

• Limited Supplies. Create such offers as “Only 1,000 books available!” and you have created a great sense of urgency.

Also, this device makes the offer exclusive.

• Bonuses For Fast Response. Offer them bonuses for responding at a certain time.

For example: “And I’ll also give you FREE copywriting secrets report if you’ll respond by May 15th.”

Never, ever forget this step!


Copywriting formulas are an absolute necessity in copywriting.

Without it, you’ll be flapping in the wind and winging it.

And believe me, that’s not a good way to make the sale.

My absolute best copywriting formula is the PAS formula.

My advice to you is…

Pick one copywriting formula and become a master at it.

That way, all your copies will be highly effective.

One last thing

You can create your copywriting formula just as Dan Lok did with H-O-C-O-B-T-V-G-C-U.

But the thing is…

You’ll have to test the formula until it starts to produce.

That’s a good way to waste a lot of money.

Your best bet?

Use what is already working.

Pick one of the proven copywriting formulas and stick to it.

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