No, I don’t mean child incubation. I’m talking about the process of letting the information you’ve gathered during your research process sit in your mind for a while. I think I’ve jumped the gun. Let’s start again. Before you write a word of copy, you must go through a research phase. This is where you …

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Here’s a reason why you must think for yourself. I taught SS1 Further Maths during NYSC. There were two classes, SS1A and SS1B. I remember this one bright student, Stella. She was the brightest in all of SS1. She always came out on top during tests and exams. And the rest of the class was …

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How to Seduce Your Prospect

This article will show you how to seduce your prospect. Here’s how you get a girl into bed. You wine and dine her. You flatter her. Make her feel like she’s the most beautiful creature in the world. Get her expensive and valuable gifts. And even though she didn’t like you at first, or didn’t …

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