How To Boost Your Mind

This article will show you how to boost your mind. They say the best things in life are free. What they don’t tell you is… The best things in life are taken for granted. People prioritize what they get with sweat and blood, And ignore what they get for free. An example of what you …

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In JSS 3, I took lessons in preparation for Junior WAEC. One fateful day, A friend of mine and I were outside and we saw this girl in our class. We began chatting her up. But to my surprise, She paid more attention to him than she did to me. In fact, it was like …

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Be Honest!

A socialite and her husband were to attend a glamorous party. She wanted a piece of expensive jewelry she saw in a store. It was a diamond necklace. She asked her husband to buy it. But it was too expensive and he didn’t have that amount of money. It cost about 20,000 dollars. But she …

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Take Action

Here’s a story about why you must take action. I met this lady about 3 years ago, Her story is interesting. She dropped out of school in Nigeria. She didn’t tell me why. Yes, one more thing… She smokes weed like a chimney. She moved into my estate and her first night in the estate, …

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How To Get More Sales

Here’s how you get a girl into bed. You wine and dine her. You flatter her. Make her feel like she’s the most beautiful creature in the world. Get her expensive and valuable gifts. And even though she didn’t like you at first, or didn’t trust you… She’ll start opening up to you because of …

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How To Use Honesty In Copywriting

How To Use Honesty In Copywriting

The role of honesty in copywriting cannot be overemphasized. You may try to hide it but, if you’re not honest, people will find out. If you don’t care about your customers… you’ll fail sooner than later. The most important aspect of business, in my opinion, is being genuinely interested in helping people. It doesn’t matter …

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How Words Can Change Your Life!

Words can change your life!

Today, you’re going to discover how words can change your life. ********** A man challenged a samurai to a sword fight. On the day of the fight, the samurai gently removed his shirt, folded it, and placed it on the ground. When the man saw how calmly the samurai did all these… He surrendered. ********** …

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