Writing Samples

Most of what you get here are emails sent to my subscribers. Go through them to learn how to grow your business through copywriting. When you’re done, come back and thank me. Trust me, you will. ;)

Email Copy Samples Using Stories

Email Copy Samples Using Stories 1

Stories sell. That’s been established. But, do you use storytelling to sell your products and services? More importantly, can you? In this post, I will show you some email samples I’ve sent to my subscribers. These emails had good open rates and click-through rates. Study them and notice how I use some copywriting techniques to

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Change Before It’s Too Late


Most people don’t like change. Even you too, you don’t. You might scream heaven and hell that you like and want change, but when it comes to doing the things needed to change, you won’t. (that’s by the way, anyways) So yes, most people don’t like change. Let me tell you a story: I have

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Are Sales Letters Effective?

Are Sales Letters Effective?

If you would like to know if sales letters are effective, read this article until the end. So the question… Are sales letters effective? The short answer? Yes! Here’s why: Sales letters have the power to boost your business by over 1300%.  This is not a number to laugh at. But before you can get

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