new course reveals how to boost sales in 24 hours without spending an extra dime on marketing!

From the desk of: Maku Seun

Date: November, 2021

You have a great product.

You craft a sales copy, send traffic to it and wait for sales to roll in. 

But… (Crickets!)

No sales!

Worse still, you’re losing money on ads.

Confused, you edit your sales page, change your audience targeting and wait…

Still… Nothing!

You study blog posts and watch YouTube videos…

Implemented what they said, but

No sales!

Don’t forget you’re still burning money on ads.

And if something doesn’t change soon, you won’t have a business any longer.

This is demoralizing, frustrating and can discourage any business owner.

It’s even enough to make you depressed. And in some cases…

It can make you boil with rage.

But you’re reading this which means you’re no ordinary business owner.

You’re determined to make your business work. 

Congratulations because…

This is your last bus stop! 

Today, you’ll discover the…

new copywriting secret working like crazy!

Imagine you could copy and paste certain phrases and…

Get an instant explosion in sales within 24 hours without spending an extra dime on ads.

Would you want it?


You’re given a small sheet of paper and instructed to read it in private.

You lock yourself in your room, close the curtains and open the paper.

In it are new copywriting secrets to grow your business instantly.

You’re skeptical 

But you think, “What the hell, I’ll give it a try.”

You get your laptop and, using the templates in the small sheet of paper

You change a couple of things in your sales letter. 

You go to bed laughing. 

Then you wake up in the morning, grab your laptop, and check your sales… 

Your heart jumps…


You’ve doubled your sales overnight! 

You’re pumped and you know your business will never fail all because…

You tried a new copywriting secret.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t if you know this secret I’m about to share with you.

Think about it. 

Do what I ask you to do in this letter and in two minutes

You too will have this secret.

But you must apply it.

This secret is the most powerful information you could ever have to… 

Blow your sales through the roof and trample all your competitors like common ants. 

Here’s why this secret is so powerful,

It’s a simple plug-and-play secret that reduces your work by 90% while doubling sales.

Plug this secret in your sales letter and your sales will rocket to the moon.


Access to this New, mouth-watering secret Is almost impossible...

It could take you years of trial and error to figure out the secret that make some copywriters create winning sales copies every time – while others fail flat.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to discover the secret to explosive sales and business growth…

You can finally get it here:


The complete copywriting course!

boost sales in 24 hours without spending an extra dime on advertising!


A new copywriting secret to explosive sales!

The more you read… 

The more you realize this secret is the last piece of information you’ll ever need to… 

10X sales.

This secret guarantees people buy from you

As a business owner looking to line up hoards of new customers… explode your current sales number… and grow your business…

This secret is all you need to take your business from surviving to crushing all your competitors.

I’m going to tell you about the jaw-dropping benefits you’ll get from this secret soon.

But before that…

let me introduce myself!

Hi, I’m Maku Seun, a copywriter and digital marketer with 8 years of active experience.

I’ve written countless sales copies, ads and emails for clients from all over the world.

One of my sales copies did N116,100,000 in sales using the secret you’ll discover when you get this course.

This means I know what I’m talking about when it comes to using copywriting to boost sales and if you take my advice, you’ll write sales copies that convert like a high-powered industrial calculator.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what some of my clients are saying about me.

Testimonials From Some of my Clients!

...You're going to be an unstoppable person. You have the skills, you have a really good grasp of your words. Keep doing it, man... You're doing great.
Nayan Pathak
Digital Marketer
Thanks Seun. I love it. I am very pleased with your service and I am very grateful.
Mrs Padebi Ojomo
Owner, Social Media School
I’m so impressed with your services and very excited about your course. It has been a guide to breakthrough in my business. Thanks a lot, Seun.
Arebgesola Emmanuel
Digital Marketer

I know you’re skeptical

But think about this

If you keep doing the same things over and over again 

You’ll remain where you are, which is…

Low sales and eventual bankruptcy!

That’s why I want to let try out this new copywriting secret – free! (I’ll tell you about my unique, risk-free guarantee in a moment.) 

Here are…

mouth-watering benefits you get when you try this course!

     The secret that puts your prospect in a trance until they’ve given you their money.

How to unlock your prospects’ heart and mind with your words.

     The simple trick to gently and ethically nudge people to become a customer.

     How to make your prospect twist and turn, not rest, and think about you until they buy from you.

     “Magic” copywriting hacks from the world’s most successful copywriters to 10x sales.

     World-class sales letter swipe filesShamelessly steal from the best sales letters the world.

     The One sentence that turns prospects into your own personal lap dog. 

     Discover how to activate the depraved greed in your reader and make them do anything to get your product.

     How to pull at your readers heart-strings to make them emotionally connect to your product.

     How to send your reader on a roller-coaster of emotions.

     How to flip features into benefits like a pro.

     How to use the “Show, don’t tell” method to cause a sales explosion.

   Use this under-the-table technique you’ll find in this course to make your reader think you’re spying on them.

     Uncover the strange mice technique used to boost conversion. 

     Your two new best friends for producing highly-effective sales letters.

     Withheld secrets used to grab your reader by the throat and command their attention within the first 3 seconds.

     How to write emails that people click, read, and act upon.

     How to make your prospect lower their guard and be more receptive to what you have to say. 

     The final secret to boost your sales in 24 hours: Add this FINAL MISSING PIECE to your sales message and your sales will explode in 24 hours… guaranteed! 

     Templates, formulas, and examples that removes the guesswork from your business.

     Free Exciting tools to hit your customers G-spot.


Everything you need to create a marketing campaign that’ll save your business overnight and…

Cause an explosive rise in sales

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are more mouth-watering benefits that’ll make your business sales go bananas.

You can’t afford to miss this!

But to get these amazing benefits…

You must get this course today!


It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience, 

This secret is simple to apply.

It has templates and all you have to do is plug them into your own sales copy, change a couple of things and voila

You have a winning sales copy.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business journey

As long as you sell to people,

This course will help you. 

Why should you try this course instead of other courses out there? 

Good question.

Here’s why…

why you should try this course today!

Sure, there are other copywriting courses promising to teach you how to write effective sales copies.

But, are they easy to implement? 

Do they offer a new and simple way to craft sales copies to make your reader practically beg to give you their money?

Do they offer a one-year money back guarantee? (I’ll tell you about this in a minute)

Will they answer your questions immediately?

Not only is this course designed to make you craft sales copies like a pro…

It’s also easy to implement. (Because if you can’t implement what you’ve learned, what’s the point?)

Try the course today and you’ll 10X your sales instantly.

Okay maku, what's the fee for this exciting course?

At N150,000, you’d be stealing this course.

And if you don’t see that… 

If you don’t see that effective copywriting can boost your business by over 10X your investment… this is not for you.

You’re not ready to grow your business.

Pass on this opportunity because…

I don’t want to waste your time and mine.

This is for the smart business owner who recognize…

What you’ll discover in this course obviously, can make you a fortune.

This is not opinion, it’s fact.

Everything you need to grow your business is here.

That’s why people are shocked that it’s only N25,000.

That’s N68 daily.

Less than the amount you spend on data.

What’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this exciting resource away?

It’s simple. 

This course is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

When you get this course and apply the new secret

You’ll realize that I know what I’m talking about 

And when you have need for an effective, sales-soaring, slam-banging copy for your business, you’ll think of me.

Let’s just say this course is a bribe for a lifetime of profitable relationship between us.

And if you feel I’ve not delivered on my promises, you can return it for a full-refund (I’ll tell you about this soon)

BUT WAIT! There's More!

Get this value-packed course today, and you’ll get these 9 amazing FREE bonuses.

FREE BONUS #1: Creative Marketing Tactics (Value: N20,000)

How to use creative ‘Out Of The Box’ thinking to get loads of new customers.

Discover how to go viral and draw in more money.


Get power words used to evoke emotions in your sales copy.

317 Words to Spice Up Your Copy

FREE BONUS #3: Growth Hacking 101 (Value: N25,000)

How to build virality into your business and get your product or service in front of more people.

You’ll discover how to harness the power of the internet to sell more of your product and services.

FREE BONUS #4: Online Customer Engagement (Value: N5,000)

Discover how to increase customer engagement online.

You also get 5 ways to test if your customers will engage with your online business or not before wasting a penny.

FREE BONUS #5: Building The Perfect Sales Funnel (Value: N75,000)

In this free book, you’ll discover how to create a sales funnel in your online business.

This book will help you boost sales using the sales funnel secrets in this book.


27 simple words to make any prospect kneel, open their wallets, and beg you to take their money.

It’s so powerful that there’s a strong warning before you read a single word.

One sentence persuasion

SPECIAL BONUS #7: Internet Marketing Fast Start Resource (Value: N25,000)

All the tools you’ll ever need to build an online business.

By having a proper understanding of Internet marketing tactics and techniques, you’ll attract and retain customers to facilitate business growth and generate increased profitability.

SPECIAL BONUS #8: 12 Easy Steps To Awesome Copy (Value: N5,000)

Creating an effective sales message isn’t done only by award winning copywriters.

As copywriting is more like a scientific formula than an art form, anyone can learn to do it.

Even professionals use templates. They use the following 12-step outline to easily produce great sales messages that get results.

SPECIAL BONUS #9: The Steady Business (Value: N50,000)

Get all the guidance and support you need to be a success at business.

This book is one of the most valuable resources in the world when it comes to maintaining your business growth!

Together these 9 free bonuses are worth N240,000, almost 10X your investment.

But they’re free today.

You think I’m done? 

I’m not even close. There’s more awesomeness coming your way.

Here’s my…

100% One Year,
risk-Free Guarantee!

I personally guarantee that if you apply the secret in this course and after 12 months, you don’t grow your business, let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund

Plus, you’ll keep the free gifts, for your troubles.

That means you can try out this secret for one year at my risk, while you see if it works for you or not. 

And if it doesn’t produce 

I want you to ask for your money back. And I’ll let you keep the free bonus gifts as my way of thanking you for giving the complete copywriting course a try.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. 

The burden to deliver is entirely on me. 

If you don’t get immediate sales using this copywriting secret, then I’m the loser, not you.

Look at it this way… 

N25,000 is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you’re going to waste on old and ineffective copywriting techniques that simply don’t work anymore.  

Not to talk of the emotional roller-coaster you’ll be on trying to discover how to grow your business and make more money.

But hey…

Why this ballsy guarantee?


I don’t want your money if you don’t get anything out of this course. 

In one year

If you feel this course hasn’t delivered on its promises 

Hit me up and I’ll give you ALL your money back, 100%.

All I ask is you show me proof that you applied this secret in your sales copies and marketing materials without success and I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

Is that fair or what? 

Imagine bearing zero risks and the chance to return the course and get your money back. 

It takes the weight off, doesn’t it?

bad news!

Lets be clear, 

It’s crucial you get this course.

Use the secret and benefit massively from it.

That being said…

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Maku Seun.


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