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4 Top Ways A Copywriter Can Help A Small Business

Ways A Copywriter Can Help A Small Business

Here are simple ways a copywriter can help a small business grow.

You will find the tips and techniques a copywriter can help your business and profitability.

If you ask a business owner to give a speech in public, you start to notice little beads of sweat streaming down their forehead.

And that is only if you don’t notice their knees clapping together in fear and anxiety.

While public speaking can be a pain in the ass for most business owners, writing can be a more subtle way to tell the world about your business and service.

Just as the best speakers in the world depend on speechwriters, and professional athletes rely on coaches, so do business owners depend on copywriters.

Below are some ways a business will need the services of a copywriter.

Writing Big Pieces

Web Page Copy:

There are many small business web pages filled with mangled text, piecemealed, and pasted from multiple sources, not always from their pages or brochures.


Every business owner likes to think they are an expert in their field (ask their employees).

Every business owner would like a bigger mailing list.

Ebooks can prove the former while building the latter.

Press Releases:

While some writers think press releases are a thing of the past, small business owners (your potential clients) do not.

In smaller towns, well-written press releases can mean local media coverage.

Blog Posts:

This type of writing is the mud where many businesses get stuck.

Providing conversational copy, relevant to a targeted audience, with a clear call-to-action, often means bigger profits in less time (and agony).


Most business owners are not familiar with terms like article marketing, advertorials, or native advertising.

They like the concept but shy away from the writing.

Sales Pages and Landing Pages:

Most small business owners are familiar with the concept of sales letters.

Few are adept at putting the copy, the callouts, and the calls to action together.

A copywriter can help you write a sales letter and landing page that can boost your business.

Look to invest in one.

Small Bits & Pieces


Television and radio remain a popular platform for small business advertising dollars, especially in smaller local markets.

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As you know, short-and-quick is not always synonymous with clear-and-concise.

Catalog or Product Descriptions:

Small blurbs like product descriptions, catalog copy, and menu items are often difficult for a small business owner.

It becomes an exercise of the ketchup trying to read its label – from inside the bottle.


Canned responses are time savers.

Template sales emails or inquiry emails can also save time and increase outreach.

When written clearly and concisely, a small business can send these emails with confidence.

Display Ad Copy:

From taglines to internal signage, chamber directory ads to phone books, some small businesses haven’t changed their ad copy in years.


Still viewed as an expected leave behind, sales collateral like brochures and sales cards hold a lot of value to some businesses.

Creativity can be key in creating a library of copies to be used elsewhere within the business.

Status Updates:

If a small business is active in social media, status updates read more like commercials than conversations.

Mouth Pieces

Speeches and Presentations:

Whether the full body of the speech or an outline, some of the best presenters tap into the strengths of a writer.

Presentation slideshows are often in need of a good writer or editor.

Profiles and Bios:

A lot of business leaders have difficulty writing about themselves.

Bio pages on the web, in print or media kits, and social media profiles can all use the touch of a professional writer.

Video and Podcast Scripts:

The “ums” and “ers” along with the always popular “so” and “basically” fill video voice-overs and podcast episodes across the mediums.

Good writing and a tool like CuePrompter will make your clients sound eloquent when they say the words you’ve written.

Transcription and Re-purposing:

Smart business owners are starting to realize the value of recorded presentations or conversations, capturing large portions or small money quotes they can use elsewhere.

A writer or editor who can extract the value from the whole is an asset to the company.

Specialty Pieces

SEO Copywriting:

Writing title tags, headlines, and metadata is a specialized writing skill.

Recognizing how to improve copy for findability is also a strength many businesses don’t have internally.

SEO copywriting is one of the most sought-after types of writing.

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This style of writing also requires talents for both research and design.

Being able to partner with a graphics person can strengthen the copy and the flow.


Technical writing or instructional manuals are very important to many kinds of businesses.

Small businesses with a high turnover of employment are often seeking operational guidelines for new employees.

Manufacturers are always on the lookout for a more straightforward way to teach customers how to use their products.

Grant Writing:

If writing blog posts strikes fear into the minds of a business owners, grant writing can send them running for cover.


Terms of service, disclaimers and codes of conduct are sought after as more businesses launch their websites.

This type of writing often includes a back-and-forth approval process with a legal department.


A lot of small business owners will avoid writing at all costs, sometimes delegating to someone within their company.

Not every business will use all of the writing types listed above.

Likely, they haven’t yet considered the possibility of most of them.

As I work with small business owners daily, writing is one of their weakest areas.

If you’re a copywriter or learning to build a copywriting business, I strongly encourage you to reach out to the small business owners in your area and help them in these areas.

But if you are a business owner, and you need a piece of copy written for your business, reach out to me and let’s talk about your business.

Why does your business need a copywriter?

Great copy will talk with your audience in a way they’ll comprehend and relate to, and a copywriter can do that!

He or she will help to create a voice for your brand.

All promotional materials, web content, newsletters – everything that involves words – need to jive with your brand.

How copywriters boost business

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a freelance copywriter with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or somebody who can author catchy, engaging tunes utilizing only a secondary school diploma, freelance copywriters offer a scope of advantages for your organization.

The principal thing copywriters do is increase your visibility.

They compose content in view of showcasing goals to help get your products and services before the perfect individuals.

They can identify your intended interest group and make content that drives deals.

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Copywriters increase your conversion rate

Copywriters use their range of abilities to help increase your conversion rate, in this way boosting sales.

They make email marketing efforts and item portrayals that urge customers to buy your products or services.

They also work intimately with creative departments to grow better approaches to draw in light of a legitimate concern for expected clients while empowering dependability from repeat clients.

What’s more, a decent copywriter who uses their copywriting abilities can make content for landing pages, direct mail advertisements, digital courses, web recordings, tweets, and jingles, all pointed toward boosting your profile.

Copywriters are versatile

Freelance copywriters are capable enough to change their voice and tone to accommodate your marking and friends’ character.

They can write a site copy that shows your insight and skill in the business.

A reliable, magnificent copywriter can help build up your B2B or B2C business as an idea chief over the long term.

They can also adopt an alternate strategy and adjust the voice of the substance to suit different content channels—from the laid-back and fun social media platforms to more serious meetings or industry reports.

A copywriter will help make your message easy to understand

Selling complicated, complex services and products to consumers can be rather difficult.

However, a good copywriter will be able to keep the message simple and easy to understand.

The copywriter will be able to express the most sophisticated ideas in a manner that can be understood by the masses.

Make your business stand out

In the cut-throat competitive world of business, it is of paramount importance to be unique and different.

And, in the world of advertising, familiarity breeds disdain.

A good copywriter will be able to identify the uniqueness of the product and service you are selling.

And thus, help position you differently from your competitors.

The copywriter will be able to help you get your message across in a unique way that fully articulates your value proposition.

This increases the demand for your offering and propels the consumers to purchase your services and products immediately.


If you are a small business owner, you need the help of a copywriter.

This is if you wish to take your business and brand to the next level.

Look to hire a talented copywriter.

And leave the business of trying to come up with a brand voice to him or her.

This way, you can focus on more important things like bringing in sales for your business.

If you need help with sales copy, click here.

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