16 Simple Copywriting Tips For Health Products

copywriting for health products

Copywriting for health products should:

  1. Describe who your product can help
  2. Educate them about the problem & its cause
  3. Explain why your product is the solution
  4. List the benefits they can expect to get
  5. Create urgency, persuade them to act now

Many health products have been created to help people stay healthy and lose weight. 

This is good if you’re a consumer because prices come down due to many competitors.

But as a company, you’re faced with the challenge of how to distinguish your brand from the rest.

The first thing you can do is hire a health copywriter to help with your content and direct response marketing.

Strong and persuasive copy is the key to differentiating yourself and making your company stand out.

And, since a small boost in conversion can lead to thousands in your pocket, getting the best copy can be an investment that is well worth it.

What to include in your copy

Your mind should be at its best when you’re writing copy for your health products.

Find a balance between scientific facts and emotional copy.

Include each of these elements in your health copy:

1. Powerful headline

The main reason for a headline is to grab the reader’s attention and instill curiosity so that they can read the next line of the copy.

It should also mention its key benefits.

2. Narrative copy

This is where you talk about your product.

  • What does it do?
  • Who does it help?
  • How does it do it?
  • And, why is it better than the competition?

3. Testimonials

It is much more compelling when strangers talk about your product with pride and satisfaction.

According to Kissmetrics, a marketing blog, “The power of testimonials lies in their objectivity. That is, someone outside of the brand does the talking, so in theory, the credibility is higher.”

4. Case studies

Case studies are like long-form testimonials.

Mention the benefits and health-based results.

If your case studies are written by someone from your target audience, the reader might be thinking, “If it can work for him/her, it can work for me too.”

5. Physical claims

If you have any doctor or nutritionist who supports your claims, quote them in your copy. Especially if they can attest to its effect on the health of their patients.

6. Social proof

If you’ve received any positive reviews or you’ve been mentioned by an authority figure or blogger in the industry, you should mention them in your copy.

7. Statistics

If you have any numbers to support your claim, mention them in your copy.

Don’t be afraid to get specific.

Being specific works in your favor when it comes to writing compelling copy.

8. Studies

Is your product the result of a scientific breakthrough? If it is, state it and provide the facts.

If you have information that you’ve gathered from studies and pilot tests, provide such information.

They’ll help bolster your statements and claims.

9. Credentials

Anything that can increase trust in your product is worth mentioning.

Whether it’s membership in a medical association, educational credentials, seals of approval, or awards won, they all belong in your copy.

10. Bullets

People read lists.

Therefore, summarize your key benefits in a list that cuts to the chase.

11. FAQs

People have questions.

So, you must address and answer those questions in the FAQ section of your copy.

This is an opportunity to mitigate the reader’s fears by simply addressing them.

12. Images

The product pictures are good. They help build your brand.

So, include them when writing copy for your health products.

You can also include photos and videos of people giving testimonials about your product. This increases the credibility of their statements.

13. Call to Action

After telling the reader about the things your product can do, it’s time to ask for a sale.

Spell out what you’re offering and don’t hesitate to mention why they should buy now.

This is not the moment to be shy.

Powerful closing lines prompt a better response.

14. Deadline

If you can add a deadline to your offer, you’ll convert some procrastinators into buyers.

It can be a special discount for a limited time or a bonus with a limited quantity.

Whatever it is, a deadline in your closing copy makes for a better response.

15. Order information

Be clear in letting the reader know how he/she can place an order. Whether it’s by mail, over the phone, or online.

16. Guarantee

Guarantees eliminate the prospect’s risks.

Offering a money-back guarantee if the customer doesn’t see the promised benefits of the product after a specific time helps reduce friction during the sales process.

Final thoughts on copywriting for health products

These copywriting tips for health products should place you on a different wavelength when writing copy.

And because customers are wary about putting things in their bodies because other claims haven’t worked so well for them, you have to be different.

Be different in a way that tells them you know what you’re talking about.

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