Top Copywriting Hacks For Improved Sales

Copywriting Hacks

Copywriting hacks for more sales.

If you’re not a billionaire

Or a millionaire who doesn’t care about money

You’re like us normal mortals who look at a home before buying it.

You go to the house, sit on the sofa (if it has furniture)

Walk around the house…

And sometimes, even turn on the shower just to see and feel how well the house fits.

You do the same with a brand new car you want to buy.

Copywriting works the same way.

If you like, use all the copywriting words in the book

But without making the prospect feel as though they’re already using your product,

You’ll have low sales.

How can you make your prospect feel as though they’re already using your product?


Involve their 5 senses.

This is one of the most potent copywriting hacks out there.

When writing your sales copy

Tell them to imagine what it’ll feel like having the benefit of your product.

Tell them to see the difference in their lives.

Invoke their 5 senses throughout the copy and you’ll make more sales.


People take in information differently

To appeal to everyone, invoke all the senses.

This way, you’ll make more sales for your business or your client’s business.

Boost sales

You crafted a sales copy for your product or service,

But sales are slow.

But, the problem here is…

You don’t have time and money to waste on low performing sales copies

The more you wait, the more you waste money and time.

Enough is enough!

It’s time to craft an effective sales copy that’ll cause an explosion of sales for you and your clients.


By using the plug-and-play secrets in the complete copywriting course.

This course gives you practical examples of how to write a winning sales copy (whether it’s email, ads, or sales letters)

All you have to do is copy and paste the examples into your sales copy

And change some things to make the sales copy unique to your business, and voila…

You have a winning sales copy.

Now, roll it out and see an explosion of sales almost immediately.

Let’s talk about one of the copywriting hacks called linking for a moment.

What’s linking?

It’s the ability to take anything (a story, a fad, an object)… whatever it is…

And link it to your product or services.

You’ve read some of my emails,

And you’ve realized sometimes I start with a story and at the end, I link it to a copywriting lesson.

Here’s an example:


During WW1, Adolph Hitler lost his platoon and was wandering around in a bush.

He encountered an enemy soldier.

Hitler had no weapon and the other soldier had a loaded rifle.

So Hitler waited for his death.

But the other soldier signaled that he should go.

He saved Hitler’s life.

Fast forward to WW2 and seeing all the atrocities caused by Hitler,

I’m sure the soldier would’ve wished he killed Hitler in that bush.


As a business owner and copywriter,

When writing a sales copy and you notice something alien (You notice this when you’re editing your sales copy)

Remove it.

Or kill the son of a bitch so your sales letter won’t bomb (No pun intended).

Because if you don’t,

And you think it’s harmless

It may be the ONLY reason your sales letter doesn’t perform.

Go through your sales letter,

Look for words, phrases, or any other things that don’t belong in your sales letter…

And shoot it straight between the eyes.


See how I linked a story to a copywriting lesson?

Do this and you’ll hypnotize your prospects so bad they’ll be happy to do business with you.

I don’t do this all the time

But when I do

I get higher open rates and click-through rates.

Some readers even spend their precious time replying and telling me they loved the email.

As a business owner,

Use stories in your sales copies and link the lesson in the story to your sales letters and you’ll be rolling in sales.

Trust me

Have you ever tried to make someone believe you?

And you’re forced to say things like:

‘Trust me when I say…’

‘Being completely honest with you…’

‘I’m not trying to sell this to you, but…’

‘If I was you, I would…’

‘I’m an honest person.’

You may think these phrases make people trust you,

They don’t.

And when you infect your sales copy with these phrases,

The reader trusts you less.

You think you’re making them believe you,

But the use of these phrases reeks of the opposite traits.

P.S. You might have noticed I’ve changed my closing salutation from STAY FROSTY to SINCERELY.

That’s because ‘stay frosty’ didn’t sit well with me.

I don’t even know what frosty means. I guess it’s trying to say, ‘stay cool’.

Anyways, I prefer ‘sincerely’.

Let me know which one you prefer and I’ll change it.

Also, you can still get the complete copywriting course here.

It’ll help you craft winning sales copies every time.

Whether it’s a sales letter, email copy, or ads…

The copywriting hacks in this course will help you make more sales.

The Complete Copywriting Course

Maku Seun is a freelance copywriter and Direct Response Marketer. He helps digital marketers, coaches, and course creators boost sales by writing compelling sales letters for their products and services. If you’d him to write a sales letter for your business, click here.

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