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Copywriting Headlines: 4 Elements To Create Winning Headlines

Create Winning Headlines

If you want to create winning headlines that perform every single time, this article is for you.

For you to write a winning headline that will bring in the sales and conversion for your business, your headline must have one of these 4 elements:

  1. Unique
  2. Ultra-Specific
  3. Urgent
  4. Useful

This is the 4U’s of a winning headline.

Let’s begin with…


People love new things.

This means that your readers are more likely to pay attention to what you’re saying if you present it in a way that’s exciting, fresh, and surprising.

Therefore, you should avoid writing boring, usual headlines and try to captivate your audience with intriguing and unique headlines.

In fact, your product doesn’t have to be new.

Just present it in a new way, with a new twist and you’ll be fine.


People want to know what they’re getting out of what you’re offering them.

So, ensure to tell them exactly what they’re getting.

Which of these headlines would you click on?

  1. “Discover how to lose weight fast”
  2. “Discover how to melt 15 pounds in 64 days”

You’ll go for the second option surely.

This is because it tells you exactly what you’re getting.

It doesn’t give you a vague benefit but tells you that in 64 days, you’re going to lose 15 pounds.

Now, that’s specific.

Use specificity in your headlines to boost conversion.


You don’t want your reader to postpone reading your sales copy.

That’s why you include the element of urgency in your headlines.

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This tells the reader that they might miss out on the opportunity if they don’t act immediately.

Using words like ‘fast’, ‘today’, ‘instant’, ‘now’, etc. adds the element of urgency to your copy.

So, include this in your headline, and your sales will soar.

Adding the element of urgency in your headlines nudges people to take action now.


Last but not the least, which is almost the most important element of a headline, is that it must be useful to the reader.

I mean, if your reader reads the headline and it doesn’t promise to help him one way or the other, he doesn’t have to read the rest of the copy.

Offering a mouth-watering benefit is a sure-fire way to get the attention of your reader.

So, convey a benefit to make the reader read past the headline.

Tip: Don’t try to be clever in your headlines, a lot can go wrong.

Just try to be helpful and you won’t go wrong.

There you have it. The 4U’s of creating a winning headline.

How to create winning headlines all the time

Now, at least one of these 4U’s should be included in your headlines.

But, if you want your headline to be extremely effective, try including all 4 elements in the headline.

This means that you should ensure your headline is Useful/Helpful, Unique, Ultra-Specific, and Urgent.

Let’s try an example:

How to earn an extra $113.95 daily with the new forex prediction app starting today

Let’s see if it has all 4U’s:

  • Unique: …The new forex prediction app
  • Ultra-Specific: …$113.95
  • Urgent: …Starting today
  • Useful: …Earn extra money
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It has all 4 elements of a winning headline.

When you read this headline, would you want to click on it? Let me know in the comment section.


These are the 4 elements of creating winning headlines every single time.

If you can manage to have all 4 elements in your headline, it will always convert for you.

But at least, your headline should have one of these elements.