My Copywriting Story: How I Got Into Copywriting

My Copywriting Story: How I Got Into Copywriting

So, here’s the deal.

Recently, I’ve been writing my blog posts carefully.

What I mean is…

I do my research, get my keywords, and write with Google Lords at the back of my mind so they can send me some of their precious traffic.

But that also means that I’m not writing with the creative juices I might need to make my copy titillating to my readers.

Yes, I want the google algorithms to favor my posts and rank me high, but I also want my readers to see the real me.

So, that’s what I’m going to do with this post.

Not thinking about algorithms, just plain old straight-from-the-heart post.

And who knows, in the end, maybe it still comes out well and in favor of the gods of Google.

Copywriting: How I got into copywriting

I’ve been into copywriting since 2013, and back then, I had no idea I could sell my services as a copywriter to other business owners.

I had my own business where I used copywriting to make some sales.

You see, as a young, broke entrepreneur, you’re faced with doing everything yourself… which is what most entrepreneurs starting out usually do.

I was still in school then, so I kinda had no choice.

That being said,

I started a marketing website and placed a sales copy on it.

It was a one-page website.

Back then, all the books on sales and marketing I was reading were all advocating a one-page sales letter website.

Which is what I did.

That’s how I was introduced to copywriting.

Now, that business went under but that was the start of my business journey.

“Provide something of value”

In 2020, I started studying for my master’s degree.

Here I met a lot of interesting people.

In my second week in this class, after a particular lecture, I met a lady in the parking lot who was in my class.

And after a brief conversation, asked me what I wanted to do.

My reply was, “I just want to start earning my own money” because, by that time, I was still collecting money from my parents.

Then she told me to look for a way to add value to others.

That got my head spinning for a while.

What do I know how to do that people will pay me money for?”

Selling my copywriting service

Fast forward to 2020.

A broke graduate studying to get his master’s degree in business.

I was sick and tired of collecting money from my parents.

I had been reading some books and watching youtube videos about earning money and all. You know, like everybody does sometimes.

Came across one of Dan Lok’s youtube videos where he was talking about high-income skills.

Copywriting was one of them.

I didn’t think much about it.

Some people grab things faster than others while some other people like me will have to come across something more than 5 times to get what they’re saying.

He said he first used copywriting to earn some money and then used the money he made from copywriting to start his other businesses.

And I want to start my own profitable business.

Anyway, I then came across a book by Gary John Bishop called “Unfuck Yourself”.

In this book, Gary also mentioned that when he was broke, he learned copywriting and used it to make himself some money.

Afterward, he used the copywriting money to start another business and moved up from there.

I was sold.

Research begins

I started reading up on how to be a copywriter for real this time.

All the videos, books, and blogs say to have a portfolio.

But I was in luck because, at that time, I had a fitness website where I had written down a sales letter for a fitness course.

So, I had one sample.

I also started researching how to get my first copywriting clients.

The best solution I found was cold-emailing.

There were others like using marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, and freelancer. But they weren’t moving the needle for me. And I don’t like waiting for people to see my profile, have pity on me, and hire me.

So I started cold-emailing.

I used all social networks to look for clients.

One thing I realized quickly was that coaches who are most active on Instagram are easier to approach because they are the ones in charge of their Instagram profiles.

So I got a client from Instagram.

Got a couple of clients through cold emailing.

Getting work/clients

In my first month of actively sending out cold emails, I got 2 clients which for me was amazing.

The next month, another 2 clients.

I was blown away.

But I made a mistake which many new copywriters make…

I stopped prospecting once I got those few clients.

I had a goal to send out 20 cold emails every day.

And to be honest, I sent out 20 cold emails in about 4 days out of 30 days in a month.

Once I got a new client, I stop prospecting and use some time to “enjoy” my money.


The result of this foolishness: Once the money starts going down, I start panicking again and begin sending out cold emails like I was starting from scratch, which I was, except that I had more samples in my portfolio.

After a couple of months, I landed a client on a retainer, which was cool.

So basically, I started earning money through copywriting.

And this made me realize that if I just put my head down and hustle hard, I will never be broke.

But the thing is,

It doesn’t matter how much you make.

If you don’t know how to manage your money, you’ll always end up where you started again and start panicking once more.

Now, having started earning my own money, it’s important to manage the money well so I never have to start from scratch again.

That’s the goal for 2021.

Thanks to copywriting

Sometimes I think to myself,

The money I’m earning is something I did for myself“.

I learned a skill that helps the bottom line of businesses out there and they pay me.

Before you think this is nothing, remember…

I have always had things done for me. Always been spoon-fed everything.

It’s not like we were rich or anything. It’s just this thing that most parents do when they don’t want their kids to suffer.

Not knowing they are unintentionally handicapping their kids.

These kids will go out into the world and have no clue what to do.

Back to my story,

And now that I’m grown and realize that my parents can’t do everything for me and that I have to be a grown-ass man and take complete responsibility for myself and my future, I decided to make a major shift in my mentality.

Even when I’m broke (which will never happen again, by the way), I know I have a skill that will continue to be in demand, hence, I’ll continue to be in demand.

And as long as I keep the hustle alive and keep helping business owners, It’ll all be fine.

Honing my craft

Now, all I do is hone my copywriting craft and try to be the best copywriter in the world, while also prospecting.

I know there are copywriting legends out there like:

  • Gary Halbert
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Dan Lok
  • David Ogilvy
  • Jay Abraham
  • Joseph Sugarman
  • David Ogilvy

…and many others, some of which have passed on but the insights and knowledge that they shared via books and tapes and seminars are indispensable.

Some of these people have mentored me in their books and videos and I’ll keep learning from them to be the best I can be and help business owners scale their businesses and put more money in their pockets through my copywriting services.

A little side note… or not

As a business owner, you may be asking yourself, “Why would I need a copywriter for my business?

It’s simple.

Do you use words in your business?

If you do, you need a copywriter.

If you communicate with words to your customers and prospects, then you need copywriters.

Copywriters don’t only write “words” for your business.


People make decisions, especially the decision to buy, based on emotions.

Copywriters use that knowledge to craft the perfect type of copy that your prospects will read and be eager to do business with you.

I suggest you read this post to discover why you need a copywriter for your business.

It doesn’t matter whether you run an online or offline business.

To enjoy the type of success that comes from your customers rushing to send you money, you need copywriters.



And if you have the right copywriter in your business, your sales will explode.


This is my copywriting story.

If you need help with your website copy, or you need a sales copy for your business, or maybe you just need to ask me something about copywriting, please feel free to send me an email at and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

So, did you like this post? How did it come out eventually?

I think it’s not bad.

What do you think?

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