6 Simple Copywriting Tips For Business Owners To Increase Sales

The 6 Copywriting Tips For Business Owners: How To Write An Effective Sales Letter That Sells

It’s not only essential that you market your business, but the words you use in marketing are also crucially important. That’s why I have curated this list of copywriting tips for business owners.

Let’s face it, no matter how awesome your product or service is if you fail to communicate persuasively to your customers as to why they should buy from you and not your competitor, you’ll lose the sale.

Hence, the reason for these copywriting tips.

The problem is, that many business owners can’t write persuasive copy. And the result is low sales.

Whether it’s a bootstrap startup or an existing company, most businesses overlook the fact that they need an experienced copywriter in their team.

Therefore, if you are a business owner and you struggle with getting your wording just right, don’t fret. It’s possible to hone your writing skills and make your copy more effective.

All you have to do is keep these copywriting tips in mind.

1. Know your objective

What is the purpose of your copy?

Before you write a word, think about what your copy should accomplish.

Is it to get people to buy a product, sign up for a newsletter, or try a free app?

Knowing your objective will help you stay focused instead of suffocating your audience with multiple messages.

2. Know what’s important to your target audience

Focus on the benefits your product offers to the public, not just the features.

Let your copy be tailored to address how your product and service will help your customer.

Will your product …

  • Save them time?
  • Save them money?
  • Enable them to make more money?
  • Decrease stress?
  • Make them happier?
  • Alleviate a concern?

3. Be genuine

Don’t talk like a robot.

Write in a conversational tone when addressing your customer.

To understand how your customer perceives your copy, read it aloud to yourself, or get someone else to read it out.

That way, you’ll know where the customers trip and you can adjust it.

4. Less is more

Get to the point.

Don’t clutter your marketing material with too much text.

Ensure you include essential information but also make sure you do that in as few words as possible.

Get to the point.

Avoid sentences that run on.

And avoid huge blocks of text.

Shorter text and shorter words are much easier to read than longer text.

5. Always include a call to action

There’s a reason for every content or marketing material you write.

To get the reader to take the desired action.

If you take a quick look at the end of this post, you’ll notice that I included a call to action.

Never write a piece of marketing material without a call to action.

6. Keep a swipe file

When you find a great piece of marketing material, as a business owner, you should keep it for inspiration when creating marketing material for your business.

It helps you have great marketing pieces to refer to when creating your copy.

Conclusion: Copywriting tips for business owners

As a business owner, it can be difficult to create the type of marketing content, sales copy, or material that will perform as well as one written by a professional copywriter.

Also, you may not have the time.

That’s okay because many freelance copywriters can write the perfect sales copy or content for your business so you focus on other parts of your business.

Plus, the content the freelancer writes will convert more and bring in more business than when you write it yourself.

So, look to invest in a professional freelance copywriter if you don’t have the time to write or learn how to write a compelling sales copy.

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Maku Seun is a freelance copywriter and direct response marketer. He helps digital marketers, coaches, and course creators boost sales by writing compelling sales copy which includes long-form sales letters, email copy, and website copy for their products and services. If you want him to write compelling sales copy for your business, click here.