7 Simple Copywriting Tips For Skincare Products

Copywriting Tips For Skincare Products

In this article, you’re going to discover the best copywriting tips for skincare products.

The skincare and beauty industry is huge.

And as of 2020, the beauty industry is worth about 93 billion dollars in the US alone.

But if you want to claim your slice of the market, you’ll have to step up your marketing game.

Hiring a copywriter from the beauty and skincare niche is one way to go.

A professional copywriter can craft a copy that generates sales for your brand because he or she will know the words that are effective in getting customers to go for their wallets.

But, if you’re the do-it-yourself kind of person, use these tips below:

Find your beauty niche

Before you begin your marketing, define your product line.

Find a small niche where you can stand out with your limited marketing budget.

Your best tactic is to pick a small niche that you can target.

Find a gap not filled by the big players in the market and fill it.

Then, promote what makes the product unique to a specific audience you choose.

The challenge of selling beauty products exclusively online

There are various challenges beauty brands face when marketing directly to consumers without involving a retailer.

But how can you make customers aware of your product without the visibility of big-name brands?

The simple thing to do is identify a market that has been overlooked and target those whose needs haven’t been addressed yet.

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Know your buyer

Before you write a word of copy for your beauty and skincare products, you need to know exactly who you’re targetting.

Is it a teenager, or a mother of 2?

Or maybe you’re targeting middle-aged men.

And you’ll want to know factors like:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Income level
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Career
  6. Beauty problem

Once you have your customer persona, you can write a copy that speaks directly to the target addressing their needs.

To write a more persuasive copy for your ideal customer, you’ll have to do some research on similar products.

  1. Go to amazon reviews
  2. Visit a subreddit about your niche

When you do this, you’ll find out what your audience wants and their pain points.

This information will help you craft a more compelling and persuasive copy.

Write persuasive product descriptions

Your product descriptions matter a lot since you’re not selling in person.

For the description to be effective, it should explain what problem it solves.

But when you do this, ensure you talk about the benefit of the product, not just the description.

Tell the customer how using your product will benefit their lives, not just remove acne.

Your product descriptions should make your reader feel something.

They should be able to make the reader imagine the wonderful things your product will bring into their lives.

Hiring a copywriter in the skincare and beauty niche can do all these for you.

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Make every word count in your skincare product descriptions

Your headline is the most important part of your beauty and skincare copy. 

It’s the first thing that determines if your reader will stick around or leave.

It starts the selling process but it can’t do the whole job.

The descriptions are also important.

Use interesting, thought-provoking language to paint a picture in the reader’s mind.

Try using some of these words and phrases in your skincare and beauty descriptions:

  • Astonishing
  • Sensational
  • Remarkable
  • Discover
  • Secret
  • Essential
  • Spa-quality
  • The first and only…
  • Treat yourself to…
  • You’re going to love…

Also, write your copy as if you’re talking to just one person, not a crowd.

Limit the use of jargon.

Always keep it simple.

Use benefits in your skincare copy

This is one of the incredible copywriting tips for skincare products.

When writing descriptions for your skincare and beauty products, you’ll also want to include benefits.

Note that you’re not selling a skincare product, you’re selling what the product will do for your customer.

You’re selling the result.

It’s one thing to say “this cream removes acne and blemishes” and it’s another thing to say “this cream makes you feel confident“.

When you appeal to customers’ emotions, your copy becomes more powerful.

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Tell your skincare company’s story

Stories sell.

This is because they’re engaging and people love them.

So, including your company’s story in your marketing is a great way to go if you want to bond with your customers.

Talk about the inspiration behind your beauty and skincare company.

Telling your story will create intrigue around the product.

This improves the copywriting for your skincare and beauty products.

Use customer feedback in your copy

Customer feedback is important in any marketing material. 

Add them to your marketing to make it much more persuasive.

Examples of customer feedback for the skincare and beauty niche are:

  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Product reviews
  • Endorsements

Positive words spoken about your company by strangers strengthen the believability of your copy and make new customers feel at ease buying your product.

If possible, include pictures or video testimonials. The more visual the testimonial, the better.


Here are the copywriting tips for skincare and beauty products. Use them if you want your product descriptions to be more compelling and persuasive

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