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17 Simple Copywriting Tips To Instantly Boost Sales

Copywriting Tips

Today, you are going to discover the amazing copywriting tips to help you boost conversion.

These copywriting tips you’re about to discover are tips you can use on your landing pages to provide a good user experience, turn your prospects into raging fans and make them buy more of your products, services, or courses.

Writing landing pages like a sales page or an email opt-in page can be intimidating for a lot of people.

But you shouldn’t worry because these tips can make you write decent copy you will be proud of… even if you are completely new to copywriting.

Simple copywriting tips to help you write great copy

So, here are some of the simple copywriting tips you can use today to write great copy every single time.

1. Write in a conversational tone

Write the way you talk.

It’s that simple.

This is copywriting.

You don’t have to worry about grammar and crap like that.

Writing in a conversational tone makes it seem like you are talking to the person face to face.

Imagine sitting at a bar and talking to a friend…

That’s how you should write your copy.

If you cuss in real life… then it’s okay to cuss on paper… when writing copy. (You’ll notice I used the word “crap” earlier on)

Some people usually cringe at the thought of cussing in their copy, they see it as unprofessional.

But you have to understand that the times have changed.

There are no more rules.

Be yourself and people will love you for it.

Do you say “cannot” when talking to a friend, or do you use “can’t”?

If you use can’t when you talk…

Use can’t when you write.

The point is…


I don’t know how else to tell you.

When talking, use contractions.

Contractions make your copy easier to read and give it a natural flow.

If you’re hiring a copywriter, it’s important to list out the slangs you use and let them know this, and incorporate it when writing your copy.

2. Forget grammatical rules

Yes, forget about them.

This is a fun part of writing copy for yourself or anyone else.

You get to do whatever the heck you want.

But don’t get too carried away with it, you still want your ideal client to read it easily.

Get out of your head and write whatever style works for you.

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Remember that you are writing to a normal, ordinary person. Not a professor hoping to get your paper published in peer review journals.

3. Personality and honesty

Be yourself.

Don’t be shy and sensor what you want to say because you’re worried about what others might think.

You have a unique personality no one else has, show it off!

Channel your personality into your copy.

Also, insert honesty in your copy.

Don’t state claims you can’t deliver.

You might be able to get them to buy your product or course, but once they see you’re a charlatan, you’ve lost them forever.

4. Position yourself as the expert

Be confident in your copy and position yourself as an expert. When you do this, your prospective client will trust and have more confidence in you.

They’ll feel comfortable buying what you’re selling.

To do this, give specific examples of your work. Say things like

  • When I do this with my clients 
  • My clients have skyrocketed their business after they completed Module 3 of my online course 
  • Do these 3 steps to get back 15 hours of your week

You could also include testimonials in your copy. This shows your prospective clients that you’ve helped others and they loved it.

5. Know who you’re writing for

This is another important part of writing copy.

Because if you don’t know who your customers are, you will not be able to make the sale or get them to take the specific action you want.

Many people and companies make this mistake and forget about who they are writing for.

They base their copy on themselves instead of the customer.

Know who you are writing for and hit them with your best copy.

6. Shorter words. Shorter paragraphs

In copy, long words bore your readers.

Simpler, shorter words and sentences increase the engagement of your copy.

Another important one of these copywriting tips you should keep at the back of your mind.

7. Connect with your readers

The way to do this is to write an emotionally captivating copy.

Let them know you understand what they’re going through and you’ll get their business that way.

But, you must use tact.

Persuasive, well-written copy comes down to understanding how to stir up the right emotions to convince your potential buyer to purchase from you.

“The difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug” – Mark Twain.

8. Use open-loop

Open-loop sentences are sentences that make you want to know more.

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You see it all the time in drama series.

This is where the episode ends on some cliffhanger and you can’t wait to find out what happened in the next episode.

And that is how you realize you’ve spent 6 hours watching a movie you said you were only going to spend 45 minutes on.

Use this method to systematically guide the reader to the end of the copy where you hit them with your irresistible call to action.

9. Use more white space

A jam-packed letter or landing page can be intimidating for a reader.

So, when you give lots of space in your copy, you’ll make it easier for your ideal client to read it and not seem like he/she is reading for a history exam.

10. Help your reader picture what life will be like with your product

When your prospect reads through your copy and you show him or her what the result of doing business with you will be, you are more likely to get that person’s business.

Think about it.

Once you paint a vivid picture in the mind of your prospect, even if the person does not have the money to purchase what you offer at the moment, that picture will not leave his or her head until they’ve bought your product.

When you continue to think about that person and the product all the time… you’ve been a victim of great copy.

11. Do your research

When you write to your reader and you are not sure of what you’re saying… the reader will sense it.

Therefore, before you write any copy, settle down and do the necessary research to craft the type of copy that will get the reader thinking to themselves, “Damn, this guy is talking directly to me“.

That’s the point you want to get to.

12. Write a damn good headline

On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. – David Ogilvy

This means that if your headline sucks, you’ve lost a bunch of sales already.

This is because if your headline sucks the big one, no one will read the body of your letter.

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So, spend more time crafting a good header than you spend writing the actual copy.

Here are 4 tips you need to write a header that CAN NOT fail.

  1. Insert CURIOSITY
  2. Make a BOLD & EMOTIONAL statement
  3. Insert the element of NEW in your headline
  4. Make it seem so EASY that anyone could do it

With these four tips, you will never write a bad headline.

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13. Tell a story

Story sells!

Another important copywriting tip.

When writing copy, try inserting a story that relates to your writing, and people will gobble up your copy and be captivated.

14. Include a strong call to action

This is the purpose of your copy.

Without a strong call to action, your copy is useless… unless it’s only for entertainment purposes.

And make your call to action strong enough that people will do what you want them to do.

If you’ve written your copy well, using all the tips in this post, you will have no problem getting your prospects to purchase your product or service.

15. Use a formula

There are copywriting formulas you can use when writing copy.

The most known is the AIDA formula.

There are many others and you should go through them and find the one that best fits you.

I prefer using the PAS copywriting formula. This means PROBLEM, AGITATION, and SOLUTION.

Although I tweaked it a little bit, which you can find here, it’s still the PAS. formula

Find yours and stick with it.

16. Overcome objectives

Your prospects naturally will have objections to your claims.

Overcome your customer’s objectives in your copy.

Try to enter your prospect’s heads and address those objectives one by one.

This way you gradually lower their guards.

17. Insert more power words

There are certain words a copywriter should use when writing a sales copy.

They are called power words.

Power words like ‘you‘ and ‘yours‘ should be used often in your copy.

They are words smart copywriters use to trigger an emotional response from their readers.

They’re called copywriting power words because they are persuasive enough to make the reader take the action the copywriter wants him or her to take.

Check out other power words here.


These copywriting tips will help you write more persuasive copy and this will increase conversion.

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