6 Simple Copywriting Tips For Direct Response Marketers

Discover Hidden Copywriting Tips For Direct Response Marketers That Will Make People Beg To Give You Their Money

You are about to discover the hidden copywriting tips for direct response marketers that will make people beg to give you their money.

If you have a product to sell… 

Or heck…

If you own a business…

You need copywriting.

In my opinion, a major reason online businesses fail is that the owners don’t know what the heck they’re doing. 

Especially in direct response marketing.

As a direct response marketer

Your greatest weapons are the words you use in your marketing materials.

Granted, there are other aspects of your business

But if you can’t entice a customer to make a purchase,

If you can’t make your visitor take a specification action…

You’re throwing money to the wind.

That being said,

How can you make the words used in your marketing materials stand out?

What can you do to make your words compelling enough to get that sale?

This is what this article is all about.

What is direct response copywriting?

Direct response copywriting is the type of copywriting that is mostly used by marketers.

It is a means of communicating directly to your customers through the spoken or written word that compels them to take action.

This is where all the money is.

Because if your message sucks, 

Chances are you’re not making any sales in that business…

And you’ll have to close shop soon.

Therefore, as a marketer or business owner…

You owe it to your business and your employees to be able to deliver your sales message in a way that compels the customer to buy what you sell.

How important is direct response copywriting to your business?

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business.

Direct response marketing is a type of marketing.

Therefore, direct response marketing is VERY IMPORTANT to your business.

If you cannot communicate directly to your customers, 

You might as well stop wasting your money right now because…

The company will go bust.

Unless you are a non-profit firm…

And all you want to do is help a sect of people.

But still, you’ll need to communicate with people who donate to your business.

So as you can see, you need to know how to speak directly to your customers and prospects in a way that will grow your business.

So, what are these hidden copywriting tips for direct marketers you need to know?

You will find out in a minute.

But before then,

Let’s talk about the benefits of copywriting

There are numerous benefits of copywriting in your business because…

This is the first thing people notice when they visit your website.

So, if your initial message sucks, or does not capture their attention.

They’ll run for the hills to another brand that has used copywriting the way it should.

Therefore, the benefits of copywriting are:

1. It builds your brands image

As has been mentioned above,

This is the first thing customers see when they visit your site.

Therefore, your words should be enticing, professional, credible, and potentially worthy of their business.

2. Distinguishes your business from the competition

You don’t want to be like the other businesses in your field.

That’s why you should look to differentiate yourself in your offer.

And again, you do this through copywriting.

There are choices everywhere nowadays

That’s why you should let the customer know that you are the best choice 

And this is also done in the copy of your business website.

3. Persuades customers to take action

The crux of copywriting.

Unless you’re writing the dictionary…

Or writing an academic essay that is purely informational…

You need to make your copy persuade the customer to take a specific action.

Whether it is to buy a product, call your office, or sign up for your newsletter…

The copy is where all this is done.

Copywriting tips for direct response marketers

So, for your business to succeed,

You need to know how to persuade your client to take a specific action.

And for that to happen,

You need to know how to write a sales copy that gets people to click and do what you want them to do.

Therefore, the copywriting tips you should know are:

1. Know your audience

There is no need to write anything if you don’t know who you are writing to.

Therefore, before you write anything,

you should know your customers.

And I want to assume that you already know your customers because it should be the first thing you think about before opening your business.

2. You know their pain points

This is where your offer is.

You should know what keeps them awake at night.

And once you know this, 

Position yourself as the solution to their problem and offer them the solution in your offer.

This is how you make people beg to give you their money.

3. Write a killer headline

The purpose of the headline is to capture people’s attention.

And there are many ways to write an enticing headline

But the old tried and true methods that remain and are still working well are:

  1. Lists, and
  2. How to’s

These headlines work well with informational and educational copywriting.

But in direct response copywriting, 

The headlines that work like magic should have these elements in them:

  1. They arouse curiosity
  2. They offer a solution to a pressing problem
  3. Open-looped headline

An open-loop headline makes the reader “curious” to read the next line.

That’s how you write a killer headline.

4. Use short sentences, words, and paragraphs

If your copy is filled with large blocks of content,

People run.

Nobody wants to read long paragraphs.

So, make your sentences, words, and paragraphs short.

This keeps the reader glued to your copy and makes the reading experience easier.

5. Use emotional words

In copywriting, using emotions is important.

This is because people buy with emotions and then justify with logic.

So, sprinkle emotional words and phrases in your copy to make the customer invested in what you are saying.

Learn how to use emotional copywriting to get the “yes”.

Here are some powerful emotional words you can use in your copy to make the reader do business with you.

6. Use a call to action

There’s no use writing a website copy that is meant to make readers buy,

If you don’t have a clear call to action.

At the end of the copy, you should tell the readers what they should do next.

Is it make a purchase, pick up the phone and call you, or enter their email address?

Whatever it is you want them to do,

Let them know and make it clear.

These are some of the copywriting tips for direct response marketers every business owner and marketer should know before writing a word of copy.

What if you are too busy to write your copy?

Granted, some people are too busy to learn copywriting from the start.

Which is okay for a business owner.

But for a marketer, you must learn these copywriting tips.

But if for some reason, you don’t have the time,

There’s something you can do about it.

Hire a freelance copywriter

As a busy executive and business owner, 

You may not have the time to do all of these,

This is why you should invest in a professional freelance copywriter.

There are things a professional freelance copywriter knows and can do that will take someone starting a few years to master.

This is why they are a great investment.

There are different types of copywriting and depending on your needs,

You will find one specific to your industry and expectations.

But they are not cheap.

But they are worth it in the end.

This is a great investment because it directly adds to the ROI of your business.

And is that not why you are in business?

Qualities of a good copywriter

Below are the qualities of a good copywriter.

They help a great deal and you will soon see why.

1. Saves you time

What will take you days, weeks or even months to get done perfectly…

Can take a professional copywriter hour… literally.

This is because they have been in the field for years and are masters of their craft.

2. Fresh perspective

Because you are closer to your business,

You may not see different angles to it.

But a freelance copywriter can take a look at your business from a fresh perspective, 

And give you feedback that may have been difficult for you to see.

3. Create the right type of content for your business

You can’t create just any type of content because your business needs content.

You need the right type of content.

That is the job of a copywriter.

4. Audience focused

A good copywriter will keep the content about the customer.

Some business owners are tempted to talk about themselves

And this is okay on your contact and about page,

But in an article or post,

100% of the focus should be on the customer.

5. Make a professional impression

This has been mentioned earlier.

Because your content is usually the first thing people see the first time they visit your site,

You should make it look professional and enticing.

That’s where a copywriter comes in.

A professional copywriter will make sure that all your copy is well written professionally and without errors.

How does a professional copywriter work with you?

To work with a professional copywriter,

It usually goes through these processes:

1. First, you provide a brief

This involves writing out the details of the work involved like the audience, their pain points, your offer, and anything relevant.

A customer will use this to understand the basis of your project.

Take your time to write this out because many copywriters use this information to find a way to best position your message and communicate well.

2. The discussion

Sometimes, it is best to chat briefly about the project to gauge the level of understanding and ask relevant questions.

3. Expectations

This is important for both parties.

What are your expectations?

What type of copy are you expecting and what is the timeframe for delivering the project?

These should be stated clearly so there are no misunderstandings.

4. Quote and invoicing

This is the point where the copywriter sets their quote according to the project expectations, sets out the terms, and sends an invoice for an initial deposit.

5. Work begins

This is where the copywriter goes away to craft the right copy based on their understanding of your project and expectations.

6. Review

After the first draft, you can review their work and make tweaks.

A good copywriter should be able to write the words that match your expectations quite accurately.

Together, you can finalize the work and publish it to fulfill its goals.


There you have it.

Copywriting tips for direct response marketers.

If you have any questions or inquiries about my work, click here to work with me.

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