How To Write Effective Sales Copy That Converts Like a Calculator

By the end of this article, you’ll discover how to write an effective sales copy that sells like crazy.

It doesn’t matter what you sell.

Once you learn how to write an effective sales copy that sells anything, you’ll never go broke again… EVER!!!

Writing an effective sales copy can be hard.

But don’t be discouraged.

In this post, you’re going to discover some of the insane tips that’ll help you write an effective sales copy that sells whatever it is you plan on selling.

Be it an online course, a physical product or maybe you just want to get your prospects to download a free ebook.

Knowing how to write an effective sales copy that sells can be the main reason why you are successful in your online business…

Or why you’re not making any sales.

So let’s begin.


What exactly is a sales copy?

sales copy is a piece of direct mail that is written to persuade the reader to purchase a particular product or service in the absence of a salesman. (1)

It may not only be used to persuade the reader to make a purchase.

But for the sake of this post…

A sales copy is a piece of website content or copy that is used to persuade a reader to buy a product.


There are different types of sales copies every online marketer should know and they are;

  1. Welcome sales copy
  2. Short-form sales copy
  3. Long-form sales copy
  4. Thank You Sales copy
  5. Invitation Sales copy

But for this website and this post, our major focus is the long-form sales copy.

What is a long-form sales copy?

A long-form sales copy simply means writing a long sales copy to entice and excite the reader to make a purchase and buy your product or service.

And if you’re trying to sell a product or service to a cold audience…


If you have a product or service you’re advertising,

You need a long-form sales copy.

The purpose of this type of sales copy is to arouse enough excitement in the reader so that they can make a purchase.

The sales copy will excite the customer to want the product and by the time they get to the end of the copy, they would have been convinced to purchase.

Advantages of long-form sales copy

There are many advantages of writing a long-form sales copy.

There are even more advantages to using a sales copy to sell your products and services.

And I cant tell you how many times I’ve seen sites selling a product without a sales copy to capture the attention of first-time readers.

Granted, not all of them will purchase from you the first time they meet you.

That’s why you need a lead capture system on your website to remarket to these people.

But there is a percentage of people who will buy from you the first time… Depending on how persuasive your sales copy is.

And if you’ve never written a sales copy before, you can learn how to write an effective sales copy that converts like crazy

Or you could hire a freelance copywriter to help you craft a sales copy to boost sales for your business.

Some of the advantages of using a sales copy in your business

  • A sales copy is less expensive.
  • Reach a client where a salesman cannot.
  • Reach many clients all at the same time.
  • Ease of understanding and availability of full details.
  • More convenient, efficient, and comprehensive.

How long should a long-form sales copy be?

Your sales copy should be as long as it takes to make the sale.

In copywriting, the more you tell, the more you sell.

So, don’t try to limit yourself by wondering how long a sales copy should be.


Your main focus should be on whether you’ve given your reader enough information that he will be happy making an informed decision.

How will a sales copy benefit your business?

The advantages of a sales copy have been mentioned above.

But what about the effect of a good sales copy on your business?

1. A sales copy will boost your business sales and revenue

There are various elements of a good sales copy and you’ll find out how to write an effective sales copy that sells soon.

2. Converts a cold audience

Visitors come to your website and leave never to come back.

That’s a sale you just lost.

How can you capture and keep these customers? An effective sales copy.

If your sales copy is good enough to capture a cold audience, you’ll make bank by driving a warm audience to that page.

3. Make your readers trust you

That’s an additional purpose of a sales copy.

Nobody will make a purchase from you when they don’t trust you.

Therefore, your sales copy should elicit trust in your reader.

How is this possible?

Show them testimonials of people you’ve helped and show them your credentials.

4. Put more money in your pocket

This is the most obvious point.

If your sales copy is good, you will make more money than you ever thought of.

Learning how to write an effective sales copy will make a major difference in your bottom line.

But if you’re a busy person, it’s important and more affordable to hire a freelance copywriter.

Also, I would advise you to hire a freelancer instead of a marketing agency if all you want is a sales copy.

But if you want someone to tackle all areas of your marketing, then you should look for a reputable digital marketing agency.

Here are some of the differences between a marketing agency and a freelancer.

And depending on your needs, you’ll know which one to choose.

How to write an effective sales copy

Here you’ll discover how to write an effective sales copy that is guaranteed to get you more sales.

  1. Identify Your Target Audience
  2. Know Your Customer by Name
  3. Write a Powerful, Engaging Headline
  4. Craft an Intriguing Introduction
  5. Elaborate Your Sales Message Using Subheads
  6. Constantly Connect With the Customers
  7. Pose a Problem, BUT ALWAYS Give the Solution
  8. State the Features and Benefits
  9. Use bullet points
  10. Use testimonials from people you’ve helped
  11. Offer an incentive to help close the sale
  12. Don’t forget about the P.S.

Identify your target audience

This is the MOST IMPORTANT element of your sales copy.

You can’t write a weight loss program for someone slim, fit, and healthy.

They don’t need it.

The people who need such a program are the overweight and the obese.

Therefore, you should ONLY write your sales copy to those who need it.

Know your customer by name

This is when they are part of your email sequence.

There’s no way you’ll know the name of your reader the first time they visit your site.

So, when collecting their email addresses by offering a lead magnet, collect their names also.

That way, when sending promotional emails to them, the email will feel personal and that will increase your conversion rate.

Write a powerful headline

This is the first thing a reader sees when they visit your sales page.

Therefore, it is important to use this element to capture your visitor’s attention and arouse their curiosity.

This is the only way they’ll get to read the second line of your sales copy and ultimately…

Get to the end of your sales copy to make a purchase.

Learn more about how to write a powerful headline.

Craft an intriguing introduction

Since your headline is to arouse curiosity in your reader to read the second line…

Your introduction should help them see that your copy will help them.

Pose the problem and let them know that you have a solution for them in the introduction.

Elaborate your sales message using subheads

Subheadings break down your sales copy and make it easier for your reader to read.

So, try to break down your sales copy by using subheadings so your copy does not seem daunting to read to your visitor.

Because they’ll click away.

Constantly connect with your customer

This is for your email marketing campaign.

If you abandon your customers after they signed up for your newsletter…

And the only time you engage with them is when you want to sell them something…

You won’t be successful.

Pose a problem… Give the solution

In your sales copy, pose the problem to your customer.

Then show them that you have the solution for them.

They’ll be more receptive to your copy.

Also, show them why you’re different from your competitors.

That’s why you should have a unique USP to let them understand that you’re different and that they’ll gain a lot from buying your product.

State the features and benefits

Always state the features and benefits of your product or service.

But, ensure you focus more on the benefits and how they will help your customers.

Because, although the customer wants to know about your products,

Their main problem is how your product will help them solve their problem.

Use bullet points

Using bullet points makes it easier for people to read and digest your content.

Especially when you’re writing a sales copy.

Bullet points make your reader flow when reading your copy.

Use testimonials

Your customers are skeptical.

So, it’s important to have testimonials on your sales page.

That’s proof that your product has helped others and will help your customers too.

Sprinkle these testimonials all over your copy for massive effectiveness.

You’ll make more sales this way.

Offer an incentive to close the sale

An incentive can be things like bonuses and guarantees.

Add bonuses to your sales copy to arouse the greed emotion in people.

This will make them purchase because of the incentive.

Guarantees make the customer feel safe.

If the product does not deliver, then they can ask for their money back.

When you have these incentives in your sales copy, you’ll increase conversion.

Don’t forget about the P.S.

Some visitors will first, after reading the headline, read the P.S

This is so that they can see what the offer is really about.

Therefore, your P.S. is a summary of everything they get.

Always include a P.S. in your sales copy.


Now you know how to write an effective sales copy that sells any product and service.

Use the tips here and watch your business grow massively.

But, if you don’t have the time to learn how to write an effective sales copy that sells like crazy, look for a professional freelance copywriter to help you write one.

Because writing a sales copy is their profession, they can help boost your business with a near-perfect sales copy.

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