How to Use Emotional Copywriting to Boost Sales

Emotional Copywriting [How To Use It To Close Sales]

Emotional copywriting is one of the things you must master if you want to increase conversion in your copy.


Because people make purchases with emotions and justify them using logic.

But when writing copy for your business, make sure you pick the necessary emotion.

How can you use emotional copywriting on your sales page?

Here are some tips you should use when trying to invoke emotions in your copy.

Help the prospect imagine using the product.

Paint a vivid picture of what your product or service will do for him when he gets the product.

Imagination is kinda crazy.

You can smell, see, taste, and hear whatever at the snap of a finger.

Help the customer visualize the product and this is a great way to create emotion.

This is simply because what we visualize creates the associated feelings.

Imagine something good and you get good feelings.

Imagine something bad and you get sad feelings.

But to help your customers imagine and visualize these things, you have to paint a vivid picture full of details that the customer can’t help but smile and imagine using the product.

Create a sense of fear

Fear is one of the major emotions that has been built into our reptilian brain.

All of us.

And this is good because it stops us from doing stupid things and keeps us safe.

Use this when writing copy.

Most people usually buy things because of fear. 

Fear of missing out… Fear of losing money… Fear of being alone forever… and so on.

You get it, right?

Using this emotion of fear is a solid way to increase conversion.

Make them want the product

You may have the best product in the world but if there’s no desire to buy it, you will make no sale.

Therefore, your customers have to want your product with their souls.

They should think they can’t live without it.

And that they need it immediately.

And you can achieve this by clearly letting them know the life-changing benefits of the product.

Because here’s the thing…

Most companies only focus on the features of their products and that is a huge mistake.

If you’re selling a TV…

Don’t talk about the Bluetooth or the fact that it is 60″ and in high definition.

These are good and all but it means nothing.

Instead of saying all of that, say these instead:

  • The 60″ screen allows viewers to enjoy their favorite movies and shows more than smaller models.
  • They can watch TV with friends and family and enjoy spending time together.
  • Bluetooth connectivity makes it quick and easy to watch YouTube videos or media from a smartphone.

These are the benefits of those features.

This way, you reach deep into the heart of the potential customer and increase their chances of making a purchase.

Include urgency and scarcity

It works all the time.

And it oftentimes works hand in hand with fear,

Urgency and scarcity are two techniques one can use to elicit a sense of fear which are urgency and scarcity.

They’re similar, so listen closely:

Urgency is what makes the customer feel they need to act quickly.

While scarcity is the belief there’s a lack of supply of the product.

They can be used together or alone.

One way to leverage these strategies is to create emotions through limited-time offers.

If you want to buy something online and notice they have a 50% off sale but it only lasts for 24 hours…

You might feel compelled to buy it before time runs out.

That’s urgency.


Stories are emotional, captivating, and fascinating and they create deep connections.

And this is why they’re incredible tools to use in emotional copywriting.

Here are some awesome benefits of using storytelling in your copy:

  • Increased attention and focus.
  • Neurotransmitters release serotonin and dopamine.
  • Readers reflect and themselves in the story.
  • The cortex becomes much more active.

Take a look at this infographic:

The Science of Storytelling #infographic

How can you use storytelling in your copy?

By first telling a story about yourself.

We all want to connect with other humans. Not robots.

It makes your writing unique.

And this builds trust and transparency.

Secondly, don’t underestimate reviews and testimonials.

After all, they’re stories!

It’s a customer explaining their experience with a problem, finding a solution, and overcoming obstacles.

It also helps increase conversions which is never a bad thing.

Final thoughts on emotional copywriting

A good sales copy is emotional.

Everybody is buying something to solve certain problems.

Aligning with this feeling makes your copy irresistible, money-producing, and entertaining.

It starts with helping the customer imagine the products in their hands by explaining them in vivid pictures.

Then you should create a sense of fear. And this is done through scarcity and urgency.

Defining the benefits of a product allows them to feel the associated emotions it would create, too.

Lastly, be a storyteller.

Use stories to connect with readers and help them see themselves within the tale.

Try these techniques in your next promotion and see the rights for yourself!

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