10 Best Reasons to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

10 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

If you’re wondering whether you should hire a freelance copywriter, this post will help.

You need a sales letter for your business product or service.

Or maybe you need a script for your video sales letter.

Should you do it yourself because you want to save a buck?

Or should you hire a freelance copywriter, digital marketing agency, or web design firm?

The answer is simple.

But first, let’s talk a little about copywriting.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of writing persuasive and compelling words for advertising or other forms of marketing, to make the customer or reader take a specific action.

The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action. (1)

Who needs a copywriter?

All business owners need a copywriter.

As long as you have a business with the sole purpose of offering your products and services to customers, you need a copywriter.

Some examples include ad agencies, car dealerships, department stores, internet websites, digital marketers, multinational companies, etc.

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter creates clear, compelling copy to sell products and/or educate and engage consumers, flexing persuasive writing muscle on websites, blog posts, product descriptions, email blasts, banner advertising, newsletters, white papers, PSAs, and social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, and other marketing materials.

The main purpose of copywriting is to make the reader take a specific action. (2)

You may think you don’t need a copywriter.

But let me show you 10 reasons you need to hire a freelance copywriter for your business.

10 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

Here’s why you should get a freelance copywriter for your product or service marketing…

1. Professional copywriters create copy that gets results

What is your main objective in business?

Is it to spend the least amount of cash on marketing or, is it to make the maximum amount of sales you can?

It’s to make sales.

And you get a good return on investment (ROI) for your marketing dollar through copywriting.

Copywriters don’t just ‘write copy,’ according to Coopman Creative. “Our skills and expertise go well beyond that, encompassing brand management, the art of persuasion, understanding nuanced audiences and channels, a genuine flair for language crafting and creative writing, and borderline-obsessive grammar knowledge.”

A professional copywriter who offers his or her copywriting services already knows the tricks of writing persuasive sales copy that gets people to buy what you’re selling.

The sales copy will pay for itself many times over when it starts generating sales for you.

This means that because of the positive return on investment, hiring a professional freelance copywriter is a no-brainer.

2. The field of copywriting is to create persuasive marketing communications, whereas your field of specialization might be financial services, real estate, tech, or engineering.

Now, you are not going to represent yourself in court or even do your surgery, why on earth would you consider writing your own sales copy?

Just like a lawyer or a surgeon, a professional freelance copywriter has spent years working on his or her craft daily.

He or she has also kept up to date on the latest copywriting trends, new copywriting information that increases sales and conversion, and also, new techniques and word combinations that guarantee an increase in sales.

Freelance copywriters learn as much as they can about their industry to craft a high-converting, persuasive sales copy.

To think you can write your sales copy as well as an experienced copywriter who works on his or her craft daily just because you got an “A” in English is fooling yourself.

And the probability that your copy will flop is extremely high.

3. Hire a marketing agency or web design firm to do your copywriting, and you could pay more than if you went directly to hire a freelance copywriter

Many marketing firms, web designers, and ad agencies will charge you hand and foot for their services.

And here’s the thing…

Over 60 percent of these agencies outsource their work to freelancers, (like me) to write sales copy for you and then markup the price they quote to their clients.

So, why not skip all the layers, and spend less by using a freelance copywriter?

I work with some ad agencies to produce copy for their clients.

They send me their copywriting assignments and I get paid a fraction of what you pay them for the same work.

Know this though, if you’ve hired a marketing agency to oversee all your projects and marketing elements, then their markup is justified.

But, if your only need is copywriting, then you should hire a freelance copywriter and save yourself the fee you’ll have to pay an agency to act as your middleman.

4. Professional freelance copywriters know how to work with related disciplines, ensuring the best outcome

Many copywriters partner with printers, graphic designers, videographers, website designers, and programmers.

They write website copy with directions and recommendations to these professionals to make sure that the design and layout are following the website copy being written.

5. You can hire a freelance writing specialist for your unique needs

Copywriters also have specialties, just like any other discipline.

You can hire a copywriter who is an expert at writing website content, video scripts, sales letters, or brochures or maybe has related experience in your industry.

By hiring a specialist, the likelihood of getting the best copy to achieve your objectives is high.

6. Writing your own sales copy is not the best use of your time

If you own a business, and if you’re trying to grow your venture, your time is most valuable.

Do you have the bandwidth to sit down and write a top-notch sales letter?

Any business management expert will tell you to outsource anything that is not directly related to producing income.

Not only will outsourcing your company’s copywriting need to free up your time to focus on generating income but it will probably also get done faster.

A professional copywriter has the skills and experience to get the job done faster than you could.

And honestly, you’ll be relieved that the task has been taken off your hands.

7. You are too close to your business to write about it efficiently

Because you are living and breathing each part of your business, your viewpoint is very much not the same as your customer’s.

The issue is you know too much about your business.

You understand the language and all the complexities of your industry.

What you need is a freelance copywriter, somebody with an outsider’s perspective who can take a look at your business with objective eyes, craft your sales copy in layman’s terms, and recognize the central issues that are most likely to attract new customers.

Good copywriters know how to succinctly position your product, service, and/or business to motivate your target audience to take action,” according to Gravitate. “They can quickly produce highly targeted content informed by an in-depth digital marketing strategy that drives conversions and ranks well in search engines.”

8. Exploit your copy for multiple channels

When you create a piece of website copy, you perhaps plan to publish it in one place.

However, have you ever thought of taking that same copy and, with adjustments of course, repurposing it for other advertising resources, for example, your blog, social media sites, infographics, and videos?

That is something a professional copywriter can do for you without stress.

Delivering content in various patterns helps drive engagement with your brand.

Also, it’s a productive method to get more value for your money out of your marketing budget.

9. Reduces errors in your copy

Whatever is written for your company makes a statement about your brand.

Therefore, you want a copy that is free from typos and grammatical errors.

Anything less than this is completely unprofessional and does not reflect well on your business and brand.

Hiring a professional freelance copywriter to help craft your sales copy increases your chances of getting your business copy closer to perfection.

10. Don’t take needless risks with something as delicate as your brand

You have worked so hard to create a business that you are proud of.

Don’t ruin it with ineffective publishing material and sales copy.

Even the best companies in the world will not be successful if they don’t get the word out about their products and services in a meaningful and effective way.

Professional copywriters are perfectionists about language. They’re obsessive about tone, subtle shades of meaning, copy structure, and the finer points of grammar and usage,” according to CopyBlogger.

They help make sure that your marketing message is clear, succinct, and communicated effectively.

Working with a freelance copywriter is not frivolous.

It’s a very critical aspect of optimizing your business to generate maximum sales and revenue.

So, do you need to hire a freelance copywriter?

Yes, you need to hire a freelance copywriter because of the reasons mentioned above. 

Whatever your need is, hiring a copywriter could be the best thing you can do for your brand.

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Maku Seun is a freelance copywriter and Direct Response Marketer. He helps digital marketers, coaches, and course creators boost sales by writing compelling sales letters for their products and services. If you’d him to write a sales letter for your business, click here.

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