2 Insanely Honest Approach To Sales

There’s an honest approach to sales and you should know this.

Gone are those days where a salesperson will pressure you into buying something you are not interested in. 

This is where they use gimmicks and pressure tactics to make you buy what they sell.

Customers are more sophisticated than that nowadays.

If they as much as smell pressure from your sales copy, they lift their guards and it will be harder to make the sale that way.

So what should you do now to make the sale?

an honest approach to sales

1. Be genuinely interested in your prospect.

This means that you shouldn’t try to sell something to someone who clearly doesn’t need it just to make a sale. This is a good way to lose a lifetime customer.

Even if you succeed in pressuring the customer to buy your product or service because most often than not, they are nice people, you will NEVER get them to make more purchases from you… and that is leaving massive amounts of cash on the table because of your initial greed.

As soon as they notice the sales letter is from you… 

Or they notice a pattern, they close the page.

It’s a lot to pay when you would have used an honest approach to make 100x your initial sale.

The solution

Offer a product that your prospect really needs or wants and then when they read your sales letter, they are already half sold on your offer.

Your main job will be to make them see why they should buy from you instead of your competitor.

Find out what they are looking for and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

2. Follow up on customers

A mistake I’ve seen most marketers make is not following up with customers who made a purchase.

Most feel like as soon as the customer makes a purchase, it is over.

These are not marketers at heart and are just hustlers.

And that’s what will keep happening… they’ll keep hustling

Looking for one customer after another and making the bare minimum in sales.

You must have heard the saying that the money is in the list.

When a customer makes a purchase, follow up on them asking how they enjoyed the product or service. 

This way your customers know that you genuinely want to solve their problems and are not only looking to make a quick buck.

If you do this, you will have customers for life and when you offer them a product at a higher price, they’ll be the first to make a purchase.

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