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How to Boost Sales with the Psychological Trigger of Hope


In this article, you’ll discover how to use hope as a psychological trigger to make more sales. Here’s why:

No one can tell.

It doesn’t matter how fanatic you are,

Or how much of a non-believer you are,

No one is 100% certain heaven and hell are real.

Hear me out before you start sharpening your knives.

Yes, it’s in the bible.

But have you seen heaven or hell?

Yes, people say they’ve had visions or dreams of heaven and hell,

But have you seen these places?

Some German scientists decided to dig a hole down the earth’s crust.

When they got to a certain point,

It became extremely hot.

And they could hear noises that sounded like screams and wailings.

You can google it and you’ll find the audio.

And that’s where my logical brain kicked in.

The core of the earth is hot as fuck.

Imagine going close to the sun,

You’ll hear those same sounds.

I’m not saying heaven or hell is fake or real,

Far from it.

I’m just trying to draw out a lesson.


Hope is a psychological trigger that gets people to buy from you.

When you offer a product and tell them that it’ll cure whatever illness they’re having,

You’ve dangled hope in front of them like a carrot to bunnies.

And they’ll eat up that carrot.

If your product doesn’t have hope – sorry to be the bearer of bad news – but it won’t sell.

The promise of eternal life, living in a mansion, free from sicknesses and diseases, and being happy forever is the hope Christianity dangles in front of Christians to get them to behave well and love one another.

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Hope is a powerful and useful psychological trigger to get people to get on board with your product or service.

Use it in your sales letters, ads, and emails and you’ll sell more products and get more clients.

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