How to Increase Online Sales With Storytelling


One major secret to selling more products and services is storytelling. This post will show you how to use stories to sell more.

Listen to this…

Last night was fun and scary at the same time.

I went clubbing in Wuse 2 and after about an hour,

I heard some commotion in the other part of the room.

At first,

I didn’t think anything about it. I just keep vibing with my guys.

Next thing, I heard a bottle break.

So naturally, I stood up to see what was going on.

All I saw were people trying to separate a fight.

I didn’t really see who and who was fighting because the place was kind of dark.

But the story I heard was that one guy was talking to the other guy’s girl and the other guy asked nicely to leave his girl alone but the first guy refused.

One thing led to another and the second guy broke a bottle on the first guy’s head.


Here’s the truth:

I didn’t go to any club last night.

I didn’t even leave the house. I was watching blood sisters (I finished two episodes last night. Nice movie btw)

I actually hate clubs (Too noisy, and dark, plus I don’t drink)

I told you this story to show you how storytelling can be used to captivate your readers when writing a sales copy.

Tell me you weren’t captivated, you sly devil. 😉

If you write sales copies for your business or your clients, and you don’t know how to tell stories, you are losing lots of money.

People are hard-wired to listen to stories, and if you can tell a good story, you’ll sell like a MF.

Therefore, the moral of my email today is…

Learn how to tell captivating stories that will keep your audience glued to your message up until the point where they buy.

You can learn how to tell stories by reading fiction and short stories.

They will help you a lot.

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