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How To Diffuse A Bomb and Boost Sales

Here’s how to diffuse a bomb.

I was in traffic.

Two taxis were next to each other.

A passenger came out of the first cab and hit the second taxi cab with the door.

Instantly, the second taxi cab driver jumped out of his car and was about to fight.

The passenger apologized and left.

The second cabman began accusing the first one of not controlling his passengers.

And the first cabman said, “Let’s go to court.”

The mood of the second cabman changed and become serious.

The tension was palpable for what seemed like a minute.

Then the first cabman began smiling.

Instantly, the second cabman realized he was joking and began laughing too.

And for the remaining seconds that the light was red,

These two cabmen who were about to fight were now talking about life and politics.

I was behind them and saw all these happen.

It was amazing.

Life doesn’t have to be so damn hard.

I’ve always said life is simple but we humans make it complicated.

A simple, “I’m sorry” goes a long way to quench any fire.

Same with writing a winning sales copy,

There are proven sales copy techniques you can use to scale your business to millions,

But you’re looking for that magic bullet that’ll turn your business around overnight.


There’s no magic bullet.

Formulas, techniques, tricks, and even hacks to writing winning sales letters have been established.

Humans may have changed over the years,

But the psychological triggers that move us to action haven’t.

You will love this:   Change Before It's Too Late

Research your prospect before writing a lick of copy and tie that knowledge to the proven sales psychology you already know and voila,

You’ve created your own winning sales copy.

Don’t sleep on this.



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