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How to Get Anything You Want In Life

How to Get Anything You Want In Life

I want to tell you a little-known secret to get anything you want in life.

You have no idea how reluctant I am to share this secret because of the immense power it has to make all your dreams come true.

But first,

Here’s a story that’ll make everything make sense.

Sometime ago

I read a book written by a psychologist

In this book

He told a story about a young lady who got dumped by her boyfriend.

This lady was so distraught that she went on a sex spree…

Sleeping with anyone she could find.

Then six months later, she got over her boyfriend.

And the thing is…

This psychologist says it’s good she did what she did to distract her from thinking about her ex.

I find three problems with this…

  1. Being promiscuous can lead to lots of STDs
  2. Don’t do anything destructive to distract you from a very normal emotional experience.
  3. This lifestyle can destroy your life forever

I don’t care if the author is a renowned sex psychologist…

His advice is wrong.

Here’s what you should do instead…

Acknowledge that you’ve been hurt pretty badly, then…

Pour yourself wholeheartedly into your craft.

Whenever you’re feeling any form of heavy emotions,

It doesn’t matter what that emotion is…

Channel it into doing something productive

And I promise you…

You’ll be amazed at the gem you’ll produce.

When you’re in a state of heightened emotions…

It’s like you’re connected to a higher being (even though I don’t want to get all religious on you)

But it’s true.

A heightened state of emotion connects you to a higher self you wouldn’t normally have access to in a normal emotional state.

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Whenever you feel extremely happy, sad, hate, jealous… or any damn emotion in a massive state…

Write your sales copy.

But you don’t have to wait though…

You can force yourself into an excited emotional state.

Just think of anything in your past that caused you to be extremely emotional.

Or listen to an emotional song or see a movie that makes you emotional.

The point is…

Get in touch with your emotions and create that banging piece of copy that will draw in more leads and customers than you’ve ever imagined before.

I really hope you practice this because…

I have given you the massive secret to becoming anything you want in life.

It’s left to you to use it or not.

Me, I’ve said my own.

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