How To Get More Sales

Here’s how you get a girl into bed.

You wine and dine her.

You flatter her.

Make her feel like she’s the most beautiful creature in the world.

Get her expensive and valuable gifts.

And even though she didn’t like you at first, or didn’t trust you…

She’ll start opening up to you because of all the amazing gifts you give her.

And soon, before she even knows what she’s doing…

You’ve gotten her into bed.

That’s exactly how sales work.

Imagine meeting a lady for the first time and trying to get her to sleep with you.

It won’t work.

Although there are pick-up artists who do this using a combination of manipulation and hypnosis.

But since you’re not a psychopath, and you truly want to help people, and form a great long-term relationship with them,

You do it right.


If you want to get more sales, do this.

When you run an ad or use a social media platform to get clients and leads, don’t ask for the sale immediately.

Instead, offer value.

Provide incredible value in your ad and your social media or lead-generating platforms.

People see this, love the value you provide, and they join your email list, thereby becoming a prospect/lead.

You’re not done yet.


Provide value in your email welcome sequence so they know that you know exactly what you’re talking about and they can trust you.

After you’ve done all these…

Ask for the sale.

Because of all the valuable information you’ve provided, these prospects will become raving fans and will continue to do business with you for a long time.


You didn’t ask for the sale immediately after you met them.

You provided value instead.

You showed them that you can help them and that they can trust you before asking for the sale.

They have to trust that you can deliver.

Else, you’re never getting the sale.

In conclusion,

Provide value. Help your prospect, and that’s how you get more sales.

Talk later,

Maku Seun.

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