How to Make Money Online in 7 Days or Less in 2024

make money online

The internet is amazing.

It has leveled the playing field for the small business person.

In as little as one week, you can start a business online and start making money.

This is not a fairytale. It’s a fact.

I’ve done it. Many business owners are doing it. You too can do it.

In this post, you’ll learn how to make money online in as little as one week.

Let’s begin:

How to Make Money Online

Before I show you how to boost your online sales and grow your business in 7 days or less, let me first introduce myself.

My name is Maku Seun and I am a direct response marketer and copywriter. I help business owners make more sales by creating unbreakable marketing strategies that improve their bottom line.

These marketing strategies turn complete strangers into paying customers.

And if you read this post to the end, you will see how.

And here’s the thing;

If you apply the techniques in this report, you too will improve your sales faster than you ever imagined. 

Let’s begin:

The first step to making money online – Solve a problem

The first step to building a profitable business is to make sure that your product solves a problem. 

Your product should provide a solution to this problem in a way that is unique and better than existing solutions.

This could be a new product that fills a gap in the market or an improved version of an existing product that solves a problem more effectively. 

If you provide a valuable solution, you can create demand for your product and attract customers who are willing to pay for it.

I’ll show you how to create demand for your product later.

But if you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you already have a business that meets a burning need.

If you don’t, take some time and find a need you can help solve.

Next, know the customer and develop a customer persona

As a business owner, you must have heard this many times: Know your customer.

This step is a continuation of the previous step.

Never use the spray-and-pray method to build your business.

It will fail.

What you should do instead is to develop a perfect customer persona. 

This is the ideal person who will buy your product or service. 

Know what they want, their pains and pleasures, their concerns, and what keeps them awake at night.

Know if they’re married or single, whether or not they have kids, high or low income, etc.

Gather as much information as you can about your perfect customer.

The more you know about your customer, the better.

Third, create a lead-gen campaign

The purpose of your lead gen campaign is to get highly qualified leads that you can market to over and over again without spending extra money on ads.

You’ve heard the saying before; The money is in the list.

Now, here’s where the magic happens:

After creating your lead-gen campaign, you send traffic to the landing page where people enter the email address to join your list and get the free report you promised. 

After they enter their email address, you send them to a landing page where you offer them a low-priced, front-end product that they can buy without thinking too much about it.

This means that they’re willing to spend money.

You can send traffic to your lead-gen page through Facebook, Google, Twitter, or YouTube ads.

Or, you could use the basic content-creation method.

Whichever lead-gen method you choose, the aim is to get them into your email list. 

To encourage people to sign up for your email list, create a free report or webinar targeted toward your dream buyer.

When you use this method, more people will sign up for your email list.

Create a welcome email sequence

This is activated after a subscriber joins your email list. 

By the way, use good email marketing software.

There are some free ones.

Search around and find one that’s good for you.

Some of the good email marketing software are Getresponse, Convertkit, MailerLite, MailChimp, and Constant Contact.

There are other good ones but you can check these out.

Back to the welcome email sequence: 

A welcome email sequence is a bunch of five to seven emails that you send to your new subscribers or customers after giving you their email addresses. 

This is how you create demand for your product or service.

A welcome email sequence aims to introduce your new subscribers or customers to your brand and build trust and credibility.

There is no specific rule as to the number of emails you should send to new subscribers, but the average range is 5 to 7.

You can play around with this number. 

5-Step Email Sequence

Use this template to create a 5-step email sequence to make money online:

  1. Welcome email

The first email in the sequence should be a warm welcome message that thanks the subscriber or customer for signing up or making a purchase.

This email sets the tone for your brand and introduces your company’s values and mission. 

You can also introduce yourself in this email. 

This is also where you provide the customer with the free gift you promised them (that’s if you promised them a free gift in exchange for their email address)

  1. Brand story 

The second email in the sequence can be used to tell your brand story. 

This email should introduce your company’s history, values, and mission, and explain why you do what you do. 

This can help to build trust and establish a personal connection with the subscriber or customer.

  1. Product or service education

The third email should educate subscribers or customers about your product or service. 

This email should explain the benefits of your product or service, and how it will help them. 

This encourages customers to use your product or service.

  1. Customer testimonials

The fourth email in the sequence can be used to display your customer testimonials

This email should highlight positive feedback from satisfied customers, and explain how your product or service has helped them. 

This can help to build social proof and increase trust in your brand.

  1. Call to action 

The final email in the sequence should include a call to action that encourages subscribers or customers to take action. 

If you sell a high-priced product/service, this is where you include a call to action that persuades them to take action.

This is important:

For your email copy to convert well, you must be good at copywriting. 

This is important.

All businesses sell with words.

If you can use the written word to persuade people to take action, you can literally sell anything in this world.

Therefore, learn copywriting and your email sequence will churn out cash for you on autopilot. 

Finally, create a sales page/ sales letter

In your last email, there should be a call to action that takes the prospect to your main offer which is priced higher than the front-end offer.

This particular offer (whether it’s a course, a paid webinar, or even a coaching service) should have its own dedicated landing page.

This landing page is called the sales page and this is where you tell your whole story.

The job of a sales page is to persuade customers to buy from you.

The content on the sales page is called a sales letter.

This sales letter can be short or long.

But if you want to convince more people, it should be long.

Now, writing a sales letter is a whole thing as you need to understand human psychology, copywriting, and persuasion techniques to do this.

But don’t fret, it’s not that hard to learn as you’ll discover in my own paid course.

So, in the last email of your welcome email sequence, there will be a link that sends your prospects to your sales page where you try to convince them to buy your higher-priced product or service through your highly persuasive sales letter.

And if you did a good copywriting job in your emails and sales letter, converting these prospects into paying customers will be a piece of cake.

How to write a sales letter that’s converts

To write sales copy that sells like crazy. Use the steps to follow:

  1. Know Your Audience: First, understand who you’re writing to. Who is your target customer? What are their needs, problems, and desires? Tailor your letter to address these.
  2. Attention-Grabbing Opening: Start with a compelling headline or opening sentence. This should catch the reader’s attention and make them want to keep reading.
  3. Tell a Story: People love stories. Share a relatable story about how your product or service has helped others. This builds trust and shows the benefits.
  4. Highlight Benefits: Clearly explain how your product or service can solve the reader’s problem or make their life better. Focus on the benefits, not just the features.
  5. Address Objections: Anticipate and address potential objections or doubts the reader might have. Show how your product overcomes these obstacles.
  6. Use Persuasive Language: Write in a friendly, conversational tone. Use words that create a sense of urgency, like “limited-time offer” or “exclusive deal.”
  7. Call to Action (CTA): Clearly state what you want the reader to do next. Whether it’s to buy, sign up, or contact you, make it easy to understand and act upon.
  8. Add Testimonials: If you have positive feedback from customers, include it in your letter. It adds credibility.
  9. Create a P.S.: Summarize the key points and restate the CTA in a postscript (P.S.) at the end. Some people jump straight to the P.S., so it’s a valuable section.
  10. Test and Revise: Test your sales letter on a few people and get their feedback. Revise it based on their input to make it even better.

Where all your customers will love you

Now, not all your leads will turn into paying customers.

That’s just business. This is where you take it one step further.

People are skeptical, That’s okay.

After your email sequence, instead of bombarding yet-to-buy prospects with sales messages about your products/services, offer them value-based marketing.

What is value-based marketing?

Value-based marketing means focusing on providing value to customers through every stage of their journey. 

You want to build a long-term relationship with your customers by providing them with value, rather than simply selling products or services.

This is because even though they don’t buy today, they’ll buy tomorrow, or next tomorrow, or next month, or even next year.

Plus, they can refer their friends and colleagues to you.

The point is that you want to create a good relationship with your prospects by providing them with immense value. 

You can do this by sending them these value-based emails once or twice a week.

Again, there’s no hard-and-fast rule here. 

You can use the 80/20 rule.

Send 80% of educational emails and 20% of sales emails.

Value-based marketing is based on the idea that customers are looking for more than just a transaction – they want to do business with companies that align with their values and provide solutions that meet their needs.

Emphasize understanding the customer’s needs, pain points, and desires, and then providing them with solutions that address those needs. 

Rinse and Repeat

You have a product or service, you create a lead-gen landing page, you create your email sequence, you set up your sales page, and then you send traffic to your lead-gen page.

This is called a sales funnel.

This is also how you make money online by selling your products and services.

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in.

This sales method will grow your business in no time.

And you can literally start making money from the first day you launch your marketing campaign.

That’s it.

Our Services

We understand that this process might be daunting, that’s why we offer our services to business owners to help them improve sales.

We offer a range of services depending on where you are. Our services include:

  1. Creating sales copies (long and short form)
  2. Building a sales funnel for your business
  3. Creating a full marketing campaign, or
  4. Offer coaching services and take you through the step-by-step process of moving complete strangers into eager-to-pay customers.

Also, if you’d like to have your own tool that takes you through the step-by-step process of building your business, learning all the sales, persuasion, human psychology, and copywriting secrets that will make you a walking, breathing, cash machine, get my flagship course here.

Start Making Money Online

You’ve learned how to make money online as an experienced or a new business owner.

Apply these tips to start making money in as little as 7 days… or less.

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