How to Succeed With Your Sales Copy

How to Succeed With Your Sales Copy

If you want to discover how to succeed with your sales copy, read this article till the end.

I saw a video of a woman who had a pet python.

She was trying to show us (the viewers) how she feeds the large snake.

But as soon as she opened the python’s cage

It immediately bit her hand, grabbed it, and started curling around her arm and eventually, her whole body.

At first, she laughed.

Woah, that was fast. That’s how it behaves.”

You could hear the cameraman asking if he should help her.

She said NO, that she would eventually get the snake off.

But soon she was bleeding all over the place from the snake bite.

And because of the size of this thing,

She couldn’t get it off by herself.

And laughing became panic.


The cameraman dropped the camera and went to help her.

I don’t understand people who keep snakes as pets.

I mean, you can understand dogs.

When they’re happy, they wiggle their tails. When they’re scared, their tails are between their legs. You can tell their emotional states.

You can’t tell a snake’s emotions and yet, you’re keeping it as a pet?

Another short story:

This lady has had a pet python since she was a little girl (now she’s a teenager)

And one day, her father woke up at night (as he always does to check up on the kids)

This particular night, when he opened the door to her room,

He saw the snake had already wrapped itself around her and was strangling her.

Panicked, he ran into the kitchen, got a knife, came back, and cut the snake free.

These are true stories.

And yet, people wouldn’t listen.

Anyways, what’s the lesson here.


If you write a sales copy (sales email, sales letter, or ads) and you find out it isn’t working, don’t force it.

  • Find another angle.
  • Change the headline. Or,
  • You could start over.

Don’t keep something that’s eventually going to eat you up alive.

Keep testing until you hit the bull’s eye.

This is especially true for an industry that you don’t know much about.

That’s why copywriters are encouraged to niche down.

Because they know what makes a particular audience and industry tick.

And they can write copy every time that gets results.


Marketing is testing. Especially if it’s a new product or industry.

So, test until you succeed.

And that’s how to succeed with your sales copy.

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