How to Use the Bandwagon Effect to Supercharge Conversion

How to Use the Bandwagon Effect to Supercharge Conversion

The bandwagon effect is a psychological trigger that genius marketers use to increase sales both offline and online. This article will show you how to use this technique to increase your online sales.

What is the Bandwagon Effect?

The bandwagon effect is the tendency for people to follow a large number of people in doing something. Regardless of whether what is being done adheres to their original beliefs.

A study was done on a woman some time back. The woman was asked to sit in a waiting room. The subject, unknown to her, was surrounded by actors.

Then a bell rings and everyone in the waiting room stands up. She looked surprised but did not stand up.

The bell rings a second time and everyone sits.

The bell rings again, and everyone stands. She didn’t. 

By the fourth ring, she stands up with the others.

And whenever the bell rang for people to stand up, she did with the others without knowledge of why they are standing up.

That’s a typical example of the bandwagon effect.

People tend to do what others are doing, even if it goes against their beliefs.

How to Use the Bandwagon Effect to Boost Sales

The bandwagon effect has been proven to be so potent that its impact on politics, public policy, and marketing has been noted.

According to studies, the bandwagon effect affects people’s willingness to use and pay more for a product.

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Studies have also revealed that the bandwagon effect affects people’s decision to watch a movie, particularly when they are unsure of the movie’s quality.

Additionally, studies have shown that the “expected winner” effect can strongly sway undecided voters to cast their ballots in their favor.

How can you increase your conversions by taking advantage of the bandwagon effect? Here are a few concepts:

1. Use Testimonials

The bandwagon effect’s main principle is that people care a lot about what other people like them think.

Therefore, it should go without saying that including customer reviews and testimonials on your landing pages can significantly increase conversions.

But there’s a catch: customer endorsements need to be accompanied by customer logos or faces.

2. Show Others Using Your Product

Showing prospective customers actual examples of people using your products is the simplest way to get them to jump on the bandwagon.

Show people enjoying the best of what your brand has to offer in all of your marketing materials, from the pictures on your website to the videos you post on social media.

You could just use regular models in your content, but big brands find it hard to resist using a popular person in their advertising.

While influencer marketing, which may or may not involve celebrities, is a more contemporary strategy in the digital age.

Basically, you get your product promoted online by an influencer who has a large following (usually on Instagram), and then you enjoy the widespread exposure, confident that your followers will follow your influencer’s lead.

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3. Jump on the Bandwagon Yourself

This is one that tech companies frequently use.

Although dual cameras on phones perform worse than single cameras, the feature is currently in demand.

Because most broadcasts and hardware do not support resolutions four times larger than Full HD, 4K TVs are essentially a waste of money.

However, consumers can’t help but purchase a TV with those pricey 4K (or even 8K!) stickers.

Sometimes joining the bandwagon yourself is the best way to persuade others to join you.

4. Use FOMO 

FOMO is a tried-and-true strategy that insurance companies, payday lenders, and other financial institutions use.

You have a good chance of never experiencing a break-in, having your home burn down, getting hurt over the holidays, or being sued.

However, fear compels us to pay for a variety of insurance plans that we will probably never use.

Few things drain our bank accounts as quickly as those terrifying what-if scenarios.

5. Use Calender Events to Your Advantage

Ever ponder why barbecue season (when we have one) sees such a spike in sales?

You probably didn’t because you were too preoccupied with fighting for the last packet of sesame seed buns and standing in line at the grocery store with everyone else who couldn’t come up with a better plan for spending the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

Alert the bandwagon!

The urge to buy new clothing when the seasons change in fashion is the same. Or the reason why people overspent in the run-up to Christmas.

For the same reason, instead of actually thinking of something unique to get our loved ones on Valentine’s Day, we all buy roses and chocolates.

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6. Reverse Psychology

This one is excellent.

Not only does it appeal to consumers’ inner sheep, but it also employs some tried-and-true techniques of reverse psychology to appeal to those who despise the idea of joining any kind of bandwagon.

We like to believe that we are special in this age of social media, which has turned us all into narcissistic maniacs. unique, even.

Hipsters are one example of people who pride themselves on being unique despite acting exactly like every other hipster.

These are the people who would rather stand in line than jump on a bandwagon, provided it was made of recycled materials.

Final Thoughts on the Bandwagon Effect

Despite what consumers might like to believe, we all succumb to the bandwagon effect more frequently than we’d probably like to admit.

Each illustration in this article is frequently used by brands across a variety of industries, and it is still one of the most effective marketing techniques.

So go out and create your own bandwagons!

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