How to Write a Compelling Opening in Copywriting

How to Write a Compelling Opening in Copywriting

A compelling opening in copywriting unlocks the door to your reader’s heart and mind. Keep reading to discover how to write a compelling opening in copywriting that commands your reader’s attention and improves sales.

What is an Opening or Hook in Copywriting?

A hook or opening in copywriting is like a special bait at the start of your writing that grabs people’s attention. It’s the exciting part that makes them want to keep reading.

Think of it like the first sentence of a story that makes you curious about what happens next.

A good hook can be a question, a surprising fact, or a short story.

Its job is to make people stop and pay attention to what you’re saying.

So, in simple words, a hook is the cool way you begin your writing to make people interested in what you have to say.

Why Write a Compelling Opening in Copywriting?

Imagine working really hard to write something amazing. You’ve picked every word carefully and made sure every sentence is just right. But then, nobody reads past the first line.


Because the beginning didn’t grab their attention or make them curious enough to keep reading.

There are so many things that distract people. So a good start to your copy is like a special ticket to getting people interested. It’s your chance to show them that what you wrote is worth their time.

A good start not only gets people’s attention but also sets the tone for the rest of what you write. It guides them through your writing and makes them want to do something about it.

10 Ways to Write a Compelling Opening in Copywriting

Now, let’s dive into the heart of the matter: the 10 best ways to craft a compelling opening in copywriting.

1. Start with a Question

Questions are like little breadcrumbs that lead your readers deeper into your copy. They spark curiosity and invite engagement.

Think about it: When someone asks you a question, don’t you feel compelled to find the answer? That’s the power of questions in copywriting.

For example, instead of saying, “Running is good for your health,” try opening with a question like, “Ever wonder why some people seem to have endless energy?”

2. Share a Startling Statistic

Numbers have a way of grabbing attention, especially when they’re surprising or shocking. They add a dose of credibility to your copy and make your message more memorable.

So, dig up those juicy stats and sprinkle them liberally in your opening.

For instance, instead of saying, “Eating vegetables is important,” try opening with a stat like, “Did you know that 90% of adults don’t eat enough veggies?”

3. Paint a Vivid Picture

Words have the power to paint pictures in your reader’s mind. So, why not use that power to your advantage? Describe a scene so vividly that your readers can practically smell, taste, and feel it. It’s like teleporting them into your world.

For example, instead of saying, “The beach is beautiful,” try painting a picture with words: “Picture yourself sinking your toes into warm sand, the salty breeze tangling your hair…”

4. Share an Anecdote

Everybody loves a good story, right? So why not kick off your copy with a juicy anecdote that draws your readers in? It could be a personal story, a client success story, or even a fictional tale—whatever fits your message best.

For example, instead of saying, “Exercise is important,” try opening with a story: “Meet Sarah. She used to hate exercise until she discovered the joy of dancing…”

5. Pose a Challenge

Humans are wired to love a good challenge. It taps into our competitive nature and makes us want to prove ourselves. So, why not challenge your readers to think differently or take action?

For instance, instead of saying, “Saving money is a good idea,” try opening with a challenge: “Think you can’t save money? Let’s prove that wrong.”

6. Invoke Emotion

Emotions are powerful motivators. They can make us laugh, cry, or jump for joy. So, why not tap into those emotions to grab your reader’s attention? Whether it’s joy, fear, anger, or nostalgia, make your readers feel something.

For example, instead of saying, “Traveling is fun,” try opening with an emotional trigger: “Remember the thrill of your first solo trip? The butterflies in your stomach as you boarded the plane?”

7. Use Power Words

Some words pack more punch than others. They’re like little firecrackers that explode in your reader’s mind, demanding attention. So, sprinkle your opening with power words that grab attention and make your message pop.

For example, instead of saying, “Learn how to cook,” try opening with a power-packed statement: “Discover the secrets to mouthwatering meals…”

8. Create Intrigue

Ever heard the phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat”? Well, in copywriting, curiosity is your best friend. Tease your readers with a tantalizing snippet of information that leaves them itching for more.

For instance, instead of saying, “We have a new product,” try opening with a teaser: “Introducing something that will revolutionize the way you…”

9. Make a Bold Statement

Boldness gets noticed. So, why not kick off your copy with a bold statement that grabs your reader’s attention and demands a response?

For example, instead of saying, “Our software can help you save time,” try opening with a bold claim: “Say goodbye to wasted hours with our revolutionary software…”

10. Appeal to Identity

We all want to feel like we belong. Like we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves. So, why not tap into that desire by appealing to your reader’s sense of identity?

For instance, instead of saying, “Our product is great for everyone,” try opening with a statement that speaks directly to your reader’s identity: “Calling all adventurers, risk-takers, and thrill-seekers…”


So, there you go! Ten great ways to write a compelling opening in copywriting and grab your reader’s attention in three seconds or less.

Don’t forget, writing a good copy opening is like an art and a science combined. It’s about being creative, smart, and understanding.

So, go ahead and use these tips to create copy that not only grabs your reader’s attention but also helps you boost online sales to grow your business and career. 

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