How to Write a Sales Letter That Succeeds 99 Percent of the Time

How to Write a Sales Letter That Succeeds 99 Percent of the Time

If you are sick and tired of rolling the dice on your sales letter and you want to discover, once and for all, how to write a sales letter that succeeds 99 percent of the time, this is your final stop.

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Here’s how to write a sales letter that’ll blow away all your previous controls.


99 percent of sales letters focus on the words and phrases… the adjectives… the emotional triggers and so on.

And that’s fine.

Some of them succeed and some of them fail.

But if you want to learn how to write a sales letter that succeeds 99 percent of the time…

If you want to write a sales letter that not only checks all the boxes above (words, phrases, emotional triggers, and so on)…

But breathes life into your sales letters and makes them extremely more effective…

Even without using tricks and gimmicks…

Then this one secret will be your saving grace.

And what’s the secret?


It’s your big/new idea/angle.


Most sales letters don’t even have a new angle to start with.

Yes, you’re selling a weight loss program.

You’ve used all the emotional trigger words you can think of…

Jampacked the sales letter with copywriting words and wait for the sales to roll in.

This method is called the hoping method.

You hope your sales letter succeeds, and if it doesn’t…

You start tweaking headlines and stuff. “Sigh

You know how some sale letters do 3% and 5% and so on?

That’s where you will fall under.

And in the world of direct response marketing, that’s a fair number.

But today, I don’t want you to be fair.

I want you to be a fucking beast.

I want you to have 10%, 20%, or even 50% conversion rates.

Don’t let your jaw drop, close it because…

It’s possible.

And it’s only possible when you use an angle no one has ever thought of.

An angle that’s new to your prospect.

When they read your sales letter, let them think… “Hmmm, I’ve never heard this before.”

But wait…

Don’t just pull an angle out of thin air.

You will have to go through intensive research before you find a new angle no one has seen before.

And when prospects read your sales letter…

They’ll be mesmerized.

And because people like new things… (according to research)

They’ll be eager to buy from you.

But this process is not easy… you must do your research.

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