No, I don’t mean child incubation.

I’m talking about the process of letting the information you’ve gathered during your research process sit in your mind for a while.

I think I’ve jumped the gun.

Let’s start again.

Before you write a word of copy, you must go through a research phase.

This is where you research the product, the unique benefits, how it benefits the customers.

This is the process where you also learn more about the customers, their pain points, what makes them tick, the words and phrases the demography uses, and so on.

People make the mistake of jumping straight into the copy after this process.


That’s the wrong thing to do.

What you do instead, is you let the information you’ve gathered sit for a while.

This is the incubation period.

Leave the job for now.

Do something else.

Anything that’s not closely related to the task at hand.

Don’t think about the project.

This is the incubation period.

What this does is…

It sends the information you’ve gathered into your subconscious mind.

And your subconscious acts on it.

So when it’s time to write, you’ll do it naturally

and it’ll flow to your customer without sounding forced.

Another important reason to do this is…

You’ll get your big idea and unique proposition during this period.

And I’ll tell you why soon.

But before then,

How long should the incubation period be?

Typically, a day.

But if you’re pressed for time,

A few hours will do.


Your subconscious mind is a powerful tool.

But the sad thing is…

Most people don’t know how to use it.

Your subconscious mind works 24/7…

Even when you’re sleeping.

So, after you gather all the information during your research process, and you leave the project for a day, you’re letting the information simmer in your subconscious where it works to find your unique angle and big idea.

Once you find it, voila.

It’s time to put pen to paper.

Do this for your next project and you’ll notice how much better you get at writing a sales letter that resonates highly with your prospects and converts easily.

Stay frosty,


P.S. If you want me to help you write your sales letter, hit me up.

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