Marketing Agencies Versus Freelancers

Marketing Agencies vs. Freelancers

As a freelance copywriter, I regularly get asked by potential clients how my services vary from those of advertising agencies.

It’s a reasonable inquiry.

All things considered, the advertising you do for your business can be the difference between failure and gigantic success.

Here we are going to contrast marketing agencies versus freelancers.

The appropriate response is multi-faceted.

As a direct response freelancer, I offer specific services. 

While many of the projects I do incorporate graphic design, website design, photography, and printing, I specialize in the writing aspect that persuades people to take a specific action.

In the different segments, I either outsource or collaborate with different freelancers.

With a marketing firm or advertising agency, you get all services under one umbrella.

Sounds shrewd and helpful, however, it comes at a cost.

Think about my rates as a freelance copywriter to what you’d pay for copywriting on the off chance that you hire a digital marketing firm or an ad agency, and you’ll see a major distinction.

Freelancers have lower overhead.

Many decide to work out of their home and most don’t have employees.

Accordingly, freelancers’ charges are not as much as agencies.

The savings you realize means you’ll get more bang for your buck out of your marketing budget.

Freelance copywriter

Freelancers are frequently solopreneurs who work out of their homes.

They charge not as much as ad agencies and digital marketing firms because their overhead is less.

The savings can be passed on to their customers.

Determine Your Marketing Needs

If your business requires a wide scope of advertising and marketing services, or you have a particularly enormous project you need to be finished, you may require beyond what a freelance copywriter can offer.

Collectively, an advertising agency can offer a more extensive range of abilities all under one rooftop.

You can generally work with a few different specific freelancers, however, be set up to go about as the project manager all things considered.

As a project manager, you’ll have to amass the group, delegate the tasks, make a timetable, and finish on the heap of subtleties that come full circle in a job done the right way.

Most ad agency customers have yearly spending plans in the overabundance of $500,000.

The greater the ad agency or advertising firm, the greater the financial plans of its customers.

Decide whether you’re a fit and are eager to pay a month-to-month retainer charge notwithstanding project costs.

On the plus side, you’ll have an asset you can undoubtedly approach whenever to help with your advertising ventures.

When the individuals at the ad agency know your business, you won’t need to invest time getting them to an acceptable level each time you need something done.

You can expect a specific style of work as well as a big-picture plan concerning the advancement of your brand.

Think about a Freelancer

Numerous organizations, particularly little to medium-sized organizations and new businesses, don’t have any desire to work with an ad agency or marketing firm.

Rather, they’d preferably amass a group of specialists for every task, for example, a freelance copywriter, graphic designer, web developer, SEO expert, etc.

They likewise don’t have any desire to pay the higher expenses typically connected with agencies and advertising firms.

Freelancers are a decent and financially savvy decision if you have occasional marketing projects instead of an enormous, continuous need that would be a lot for a solopreneur to deal with.

They’re additionally a decent decision if you have a particular undertaking you’re hoping to have done as opposed to dealing with the marking and marketing of a whole account.

If your task ends up requiring numerous abilities; most freelancers have an organization of experts they can get to balance the group.

For instance, as a freelance copywriter, I often call in a graphic designer for print work and a web designer/developer for website production.

These different experts are individuals with whom I’ve joined forces commonly and trust will deliver quality work for my clients.

Think about these advantages of using freelancers:

Carefully select your experts.

That is, you can choose individual freelancers (copywriters, graphic designers, website designers, and so on) whose style you need for your particular brand or product.

With an ad agency, you get the style of the agency overall. You might like the abilities (or characters) of the people.

No monthly retainer fee

Freelancers commonly charge per project or hourly.

Most advertising agencies charge a retainer in addition to project fees.

Lower rates

Freelancers regularly have less overhead than marketing agencies.

They regularly work out of their home, and they have barely any, representatives.

The savings are passed on to you.

Most freelancers are entrepreneurs

They have an entrepreneur outlook instead of an employee mindset.

You’ll find they’re highly motivated and passionate about their work, which comes through in every job they do.


Freelancers are frequently more adaptable than advertising agencies.

That implies on the off chance that you have a very late project or a venture you need to be finished on a short timetable, freelancers can regularly oblige you.

They can be more productive because they don’t have to dispense time to staff meetings.

They don’t generate project paperwork to keep the team informed, or deal with office politics.

Business savvy

Most freelancers have worked with a wide assortment of customers and frequently have worn numerous caps.

They know a great deal about business, deals, and advertising notwithstanding their freelance specialty.

Regardless of whether it be copywriting, graphic design, or photography.

They’ll carry that information and experience to all the positions they accomplish for you.


By using similar freelancers on an ongoing basis, you can reflect the consistency you’d get with a promotion office yet without addressing advertisement office costs.

With offices, you likewise as often as possible have turnover.

At the point when the individual who realized your business best leaves for a new position or even gets advanced inside the organization; you return to the starting point in teaching your new office contact about your business.

Be a big fish

With a freelancer, you can be a big fish in a little lake.

You get fast service and have an immediate line to the individual who will execute your project.

At an advertising agency, except if your spending plan is generous, you might be dealt with like a little fish.

This can mean delays in completing tasks.  

It may also mean that most of your interactions with the agency will go through an account coordinator or account executive versus the creative types (copywriter, graphic designer, etc.) who may ultimately end up doing the work.

What is the contrast between freelancers and ad agencies?

Most would state that a freelancer is one individual, while an agency is formed by numerous individuals.

Frequently an organization is controlled by one individual and their whole ‘staff’ page comprises photographs of consultants who accomplish the real work.

The organization is fundamentally then an organization of freelancers, overseen by one key individual.

What is the contrast between a publicizing office and an advertising organization?

Advertising agencies work on communication projects, for example, promoting and direct advertising.

Marketing agencies offer a broader, consultative approach to help develop a marketing strategy.

Some likewise make proposals on advertising strategies and some offer interchanges administrations, contingent upon their assets.

What are the 3 sorts of offices?

These types include cabinet departments, independent regulatory agencies, independent executive agencies, and government corporations.

Why do you need an advertising agency?

All organizations require a viable, well-thought-out, and executed marketing plan.

An advertising agency will work with you to make and execute an effective advertising plan.

This will bring about leads for your business that would then be able to be transformed into deals, putting you on a way toward business development.

Is it justified, despite any trouble to employ an advertising agency?

One of the significant points of interest in employing an advertising agency is an expert encounter.

Indeed, a decent organization will have specialized information in a wide scope of ventures and markets, alongside experience confronting a different scope of situations and difficulties never experienced by numerous more current entrepreneurs.

Are advertising agencies justified, despite all the trouble?

Regardless of whether an advertising organization is justified, all the trouble relies upon your requirements, objectives, and spending plan.

If you don’t at present spend anything on advertisements, at that point you have everything to pick up from working with an organization.

For a humble whole, you could build your business profile in a short measure of time.


After the comparison between advertising agencies and freelancers, it is important to see that hiring a freelancer is your best bet right now. 

Therefore, if you need help with your copywriting needs, then you should hire a freelance copywriter who is talented and can write the perfect copy for your company and brand.

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