How to Use Open Loops to Grab and Hold Your Reader’s Attention

Open Loops: The Copywriter's Secret that Holds Attention!

What are open loops and how can you use them to make more sales?

At the end of this article, you’ll discover the one hidden copywriting secret pro-copywriters use to keep their readers salivating for their message.

Here’s the deal…

No one has time nowadays.

And because our attention span keeps reducing year by year…

And no one ever reads a full copy…

Copywriters devised a devilish way to keep you glued to their content and sales copy.

What’s the secret? Open Loops!

What is an open-loop?

“An open loop is a concept that, in the telling of stories, drives our brains to naturally want to seek out some sort of conclusion.”

It’s also known as a cliffhanger or a nail-biter.

TV scriptwriters use it all the time.

The point of using open loops is to get the reader to keep reading until they get to the end of the copy where they’re prompted to take a specific action.

How to use open loops to boost online sales

Storytelling sells like a b***h in marketing.

That’s why most copywriters use it to grab the reader’s attention.

Storytelling can actually boost engagement and conversion by 5X.


As a copywriter or digital marketer, you’ll get more sales if you use open loops in your sales copy… whether emails or website copy.

2 examples of open loops

Here are examples of open loops and how you can use them to boost sales and conversion.

Look for the areas with open loops.

Hint: They’re the areas that piqued your interest but didn’t deliver the closure your reader wants.

Below is another example of an open loop.

 Understand that your open loops don’t have to be bulleted points like this.

You can also place them in your normal content.

Because the one thing that people respond to most is…

Captivating emotional cliffhangers.

(Did you notice I just used an open-loop technique in the last two lines?)

If you did, you’re getting a hang of this. But if you didn’t, here’s the open loop.

“Because the one thing that people respond to most is…”

It made you eager to know what the ONE THING is.

How to create an open-loop

One way to create an open loop is to provide a bit of information at the beginning of the copy but omit the answer. You’re deliberately being coy.

For instance, in your email campaign, after a subscriber joins your list, you can tell them about a result you provided for the client without revealing who the client is.

And you’ll mention at the end of the email that you’ll reveal who the client is in your next email.

Using this method, people will be eager to open your emails.

The main thing with open loops is this: Provide a bit of information, but not all. Let them know that you’ll provide the information at the end of the copy, in the next email, when they click on a link or buy your product.

That’s it

This is the simple secret you need to get your reader emotionally invested in your sales message.

If you want your reader salivating for your content, learn how to use open loops in your message.

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