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One Shockingly Powerful Secret That Boosts Sales

Powerful Secret That Boosts Sales

Here’s a powerful secret that boosts sales.

Discover the secret that will make people sell their homes to pay for your product and services. Sell the cure and you won’t starve.

In this post, you will discover how to sell the cure, and not the preventive if you want to sell more products and services as a coach or course creator.

There’s a problem

People will rather wait until their backs are against the wall before taking action.

You can’t blame them.

It’s the human condition.

But how can you, as a business owner, use this to your advantage?


Sell the cure, not the preventive.

Let me explain

Assuming you’re trying to sell a home security device to someone and they say they don’t want it because they think their neighborhood is a fortress and no one can steal from them.

Next thing

Their neighbor’s house got robbed, and God forbid, they got hurt somehow.

Guess who they’ll first call to come to install the home security device in their home?



Because they can see that their homes can be robbed.

And in this case

You can triple the price of your product and they will still buy it from you.

That’s the power of selling a cure.

You won’t sell much of a drug that prevents cancer because many people believe they can’t get cancer.

But you’ll sell a bucketload of a drug that cures cancer.

And people will sell their homes to buy that drug at your greedy price.

Do you get the point I’m trying to make?

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Find people with pins in their shoes

People who are already suffering and sell them your cure.

Mention those pins (pain points) in your sales copy

That’s how you make a bucketload of cash.

Use this method and you won’t be a starving business person.

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