12 Top Professional Copywriting Services

Looking For Professional Copywriting Services? 10 Things You Need to Know

If you are looking for excellent professional copywriting services to create your sales pages, website content, and other marketing materials, read this.

1. What are the common professional copywriting services available for purchase?

Copywriters can regularly provide written content to any of the following things and that’s only the tip of the iceberg:

  • Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Brochures
  • Sales letters
  • Advertisements (on the web and off the web)
  • Press releases
  • Blog Posts
  • Direct mail
  • Flyers
  • Newsletters
  • Product Packaging
  • White Papers

2. How should I hire a copywriter?

Assuming you don’t have a referral from a friend or colleague, search Google for “freelance copywriters” or freelance copywriters in your industry or geographic territory.

Start by looking at writing samples.

Most copywriters have an online portfolio or writing samples posted on their site.

Look through samples; don’t simply take a look at the pretty designs.

Decide whether you like their writing style and are pleased with the nature of their work.

Ask for copywriting samples

While picking a copywriter, ask to see samples of work finished for other customers.

When you find a freelance copywriter whose services fit your needs, you’ll need to ask about the copywriter’s rates and availability.

As you would expect, more experienced copywriters charge more than individuals new to the field.

Likewise, masters (for example technical writers or direct mail copywriters) charge more than generalists.

At the point when you speak with the copywriter you’re thinking about, be certain you will like working with him or her.

You don’t need to turn into her closest companion, however, you should collaborate with her.

You’d want to work with somebody who is pleasant and upbeat, correct?

Additionally, ensure he follows through on responsibilities. For instance, if he tells you he’ll get you a proposition by a specific date and time, he needs to deliver.


Concerning availability, let the copywriter know what deadline you are trying to meet, so he can mention to you what his timetable will permit.

Nowadays, numerous copywriters work at capacity and have a line of tasks that can take a while or even months.

On the off chance that you have a deadline, be certain the copywriter can meet it before granting him the task.

One final remark concerning the selection of your copywriter.

There are professional copywriting services and organizations that take on your project and afterward have sub-contractual workers do the work.

Since these service companies pay low rates, the vast majority of the copywriters recruited by them are inexperienced or foreign (English is their second language).

The outcome of their work may not be the best. Make a point to request writing samples from the individual who will do your work and afterward pick carefully.

3. How important is it that the copywriter has direct involvement with my industry?

If you can find a copywriter who has recently done writing in your field, you’ll positively spare time and energy updating that person.

In any case, don’t let that be the only deciding factor.

Having direct industry experience isn’t a need for most ventures except if the topic is exceptionally specialized.

Regardless of whether a copywriter doesn’t have industry-specific experience, he can do the important research and figure out how to write your copy.

Many copywriters are generalists and can do vital research and learn to write on subjects that are unfamiliar to them.

Regardless, make certain to give your copywriter great data to help shorten the learning curve.

It is worth mentioning as well, that you don’t have to find a local copywriter.

You can work with a freelancer from any place on the planet through telephone, Skype, and email.

4. Do copywriters also offer design services?

No, copywriting and graphic or web design are completely different disciplines.

You’ll need to find individuals who specialize. For example, in case you’re making a brochure, you’ll need a graphic designer.

If your undertaking has a visual element, you may need to also hire a graphic designer or website designer.

In case you’re creating a site, you’ll probably require a copywriter and a web developer.

You may likewise require a web designer to do the website’s programming/coding.

Frequently copywriters have connections or associations with graphic designers and website developers/designers and can undoubtedly refer you to somebody they trust.

A few copywriters will also offer project management services, supervising all vendors involved with the project, and guaranteeing every one of your goals is met.

5. How do copywriters get the information they need to write?

The process ordinarily starts with a call, e-mail, Skype, or in-person meeting to talk about the task.

You may then need to connect the copywriter with a subject matter expert (SME) inside your organization who can give extra background and context.

Experienced copywriters will help move the process along by asking pointed questions and requesting the data he need.

Copywriters frequently prefer to talk with a topic master inside the customer’s organization to rapidly increase their understanding of the business and competitive landscape.

Most copywriters will also do some research on their own, including reading relevant books, taking a look at competitor sites, and seeking out articles on the web.

6. Who owns the copy that the copywriter creates?

On the off chance that you pay a copywriter for a custom project, you own the copy.

That implies you can use it, or not use it, in any way that you like.

A few organizations will leverage their investment in a professional copywriter by repurposing the content.

Most copywriting jobs are custom projects.

The customer pays the project expense and afterward has full responsibility for the copy created.

I should specify too that you own the copyright (note the spelling) to the copy so nobody can legally use it without your consent. It’s all yours.

7. What if I don’t like what the copywriter has written?

Be certain you tell them what your vision is about before they put pen to paper.

When they present the first draft, you should audit it and afterward give valuable input.

Mention to them what you like and don’t care for. Be specific.

On the off chance that there’s anything you forgot about and now need to include, this is an ideal opportunity to speak up.

Repeat the writing and review process until you’re happy with the last draft.

Most copywriters include up to three revisions or modifications in the project cost.

Regularly, however, you won’t have to do that many rewrites.

A talented copywriter given great data ought to be able to nail the copy inside a couple of drafts.

8. How much do professional copywriting services cost?

Most copywriters charge one of two different ways: 1) an hourly rate, or 2) a project rate.

The hourly rate can go from $50 to $200 every hour depending on the level of experience the copywriter has.

The issue with an hourly rate is you only have one-half of the equation.

You need the copywriter to give you an estimate of the number of hours required if you need to get to the real project cost.

Most copywriters will give you a value quote before starting work on your task.

The projected rate is a statement modified to your task, considering factors, for example, the degree of complexity, the research required, the number of meetings required, and the number of hours estimated to complete the work.

Be certain the statement you get precisely explains the boundaries of the task, so you realize the copywriter understands what is required and quotes accordingly.

On the off chance that a task is hard to define in advance, and new factors may eventually influence the measure of work required, the copywriter can quote the project in stages once certain benchmarks are accomplished or he might have the option to give an absolute will-not-exceed number for the entire venture.

9. Are there any possible add-on charges I need to know about before hiring a copywriter?

The kinds of issues that bring about extra charges are:

  • Rush Turnarounds – You’ll pay more in case you’re requesting that the copywriter work late nights or weekends to fulfill your time constraint.
  • Change of Scope – The task was quoted one way, however as it advanced, extra parts or prerequisites were included. An example may be the 4-page handout that grows with enough substance to fill 8 pages. The first price no longer matches the task depiction and should be re-examined.
  • Change of Focus – The undertaking was quoted and executed one way. In any case, presently, taking a gander at the outcome, the customer has chosen to alter the course bringing about a significant revision. An example is writing a site page focusing on one specific demographic and afterward concluding you would be better served by focusing on an alternate demographic.

10. What are common payment terms for copywriters?

Most copywriters require a 50 percent deposit before starting your task. The balance is expected upon the effective fulfillment of the work.

For huge copywriting ventures that can last for several weeks or months, you might need to set benchmarks en route with the copywriter getting a part of the total expense as every benchmark is reached.

After you’ve set up an ongoing relationship with a copywriter, you might have the option to arrange terms to take out the deposit and rather pay the full project cost upon completion.

When you discover a copywriter whose style you like and with whom you appreciate working, build up a continuous relationship.

At whatever point you need marketing copy, you presently have somebody you can call, and you won’t need to set aside the effort to inform him concerning your organization.

He’ll already have that foundation.

Most copywriters additionally have marketing experience.

They can be a great resource for you.

Don’t hesitate to get their input on your marketing materials.

They can help you establish a direction and make recommendations for building your brand.

Some copywriters can be nice on the off chance that you are an established customer who brings consistent work to them.

They can make an exception for you with their professional copywriting services and do whatever it takes to craft the most effective copy for you.

So, find professional copywriting services that are best for your business and get a good ROI on your marketing expenses.

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