How to Prove Yourself In Copywriting

How to Prove Yourself In Copywriting

Today, you’re going to learn how to prove yourself in copywriting and whether you should even prove yourself at all.

You’ll also learn when the appropriate time is to prove yourself to your client.

Here’s a short story about proving yourself.


They did what teenagers do.

Three guys and two girls were having a good time out one afternoon and came across an old and tall reservoir with a rusted ladder on the side.

And after speculating what might be on the top of the reservoir… seeing that it doesn’t contain any water and has been out of commission for years.

One of the guys dared John to climb to the top.

After he refused, they began teasing him. (Like dumb teenagers do)

Then, Sarah, one of the girls joined in.

John has secretly been in love with Sarah since they were small.

And not to seem weak in front of his crush…

He decided to climb.

Halfway up the rusted ladder, John knew he’d made a terrible mistake.

But it was too late to back down.

He kept going.

The sweat on his face entering his eyes made it difficult for him to see where he was going.


The ladder moved.

He looked down and his friends were now small dots and quiet.

He could hear Sarah shout at him, “come back down


He looked up and realized the ladder was about to detach from the reservoir at the top.

He was about thirty feet from the ground.


The ladder came off.

This is a story of proof.

In this world, you have no business proving to anyone that you can do something unless yourself.

In copywriting and in business, your job isn’t to prove to some random dude that you can write copy that sells like crazy or get them 10x their investment.

It’s your job to prove it to yourself.

Yes, testimonials are great and you’ll get more clients and sales.

Use them in your sales offer to increase conversion.

But the problem with cheers and criticism is that it gets addictive and you get complacent.

And you stop trying.

Prove to yourself that you can deliver.

When you hit a new sales record, your next goal should be to beat that record.

Read books, go to seminars, and buy courses.

Do whatever you can to get to that next level in your business and career.

Even if it’s just starting a business…

Prove to yourself that you’re ready to do what it takes, ethically, to achieve success.

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