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5 Stupid Reasons Your Sales Copy Is Not Converting

The 5 Reasons Your Sales Copy Is Not Converting For Your Business

Here are some reasons your sales copy is not converting.

You poured your heart and soul into creating a program and course that will help people solve a pressing problem.

You wrote a sales page with excellent copywriting and start running paid ads to the page…. waiting for the sale.



And you’re wondering why… what’s happening?

You can see that people are clicking your ads to the page, and spending time on the page but it’s not converting.

There’s only one problem here…

Your business sales page.

And here’s why your sales copy is not converting.

They don’t want the offer

This is plain and simple.

If you send people who have an iPhone to an android case sales copy, nobody will buy it.

Number one, because they don’t need it.

And number two, I haven’t seen anyone with an iPhone ditch it and prefer to use android.

It just doesn’t work.

Have you seen anyone?

This means you only send people who are in need of your product to your sales page, that way, they’ll already be half sold on your offer.

All you have to do is ‘bring it home with a killer emotional sales copy.

They’re confused

A confused mind will never buy.

One major reason for causing confusion among your prospects is offering too many options.

Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond packages will have your prospecting clicking away in a heartbeat.

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Offer at most 2 packages.

Offering more packages will risk them leaving your site for a competitor’s site.

They can’t see the picture

Another one of the major reasons your sales copy is not converting is that the prospect can’t see themselves using the product.

If your prospect can visualize themselves using the product and it delivering on its promises, they’ll most likely not buy from you.

Paint a picture of what your product will do for the prospect.

Selling is communication and education.

Be sure you’re getting your message across clearly.

You need to be absolutely certain your sales copy contains at least these three things (and these might be enough to make the sale for you):

  1. This is what I’ve got.
  2. Here is what it will do for you.
  3. This is what you should do next.

You didn’t ask for the sale

A major mistake.

How will you write a sales copy and not ask for the sale? It means you’re not ready to eat.

All you need to do is explicitly ask the reader to click the link, dial the number, or do whatever else they need to do for you to make the sale.

They don’t believe you

This part is important.

They might want what you offer, they can see the picture, and they even know what next to do.

But they’re hesitant.

They’re second-guessing because they don’t know you and don’t want to be taken advantage of.

Don’t take it personally.

People are always looking for ways to dupe others and that’s why everyone is cautious nowadays.

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But how can you fix the trust issue?

By creating killer content and providing value to them on a consistent basis.

The killer content will show them that you know your stuff and you provide value to them in that content.

If you manage to get their email addresses, you can provide something of value to them consistently.

That way, over time, you’ll build enough trust with them in order for them to make a purchase.

Turns out that if your relationships are solid enough, you can be a pretty lame salesperson and still do very well.

And if you get a little bit better than lame, by getting these few essential copywriting techniques under your belt, you’ll do even better. 

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