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31 Reasons Your Sales Copy Isn’t Converting

31 Reasons Your Sales Copy Isn't Converting [And How to Fix It!]

Here are the 31 reasons your sales copy isn’t converting the way it should.

There are many moving parts in an effective sales copy and if one of those moving parts doesn’t add up, your conversion will be low.

These tips show you what’s missing from your sales copy and how you can fix it.

1. Too much hype

Customers can smell BS from a mile out. So, if you hype up your product unnecessarily, you’ll lose the sale.

Don’t sound desperate for the sale.

Huge flashy time-limited signs on your sales page will turn your customers off. They’ve seen these tactics time and time again.

2. Copy doesn’t focus on the customer

A mistake some copywriters and digital marketers make is talking about themselves instead of the customer.

Your customers don’t care about you. All they’re interested in is whether you can help them.

Therefore, focus on them.

Talk about their pains and problems.

You’ll make more sales this way.

3. Doesn’t evoke any emotion

Don’t be deceived. People buy with emotions and justify with logic.

Use this secret to capture the heart of your customer by writing emotionally compelling sales copy that’ll make your reader salivate for your product.

4. Customers don’t know what you’re offering

Ambiguity in your sales copy is a cardinal sin of copywriting.

If your customer doesn’t know what you’re talking about or what you’re selling, they’ll give their money to someone else.

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Let your customers know exactly what you’re talking about by being upfront and straightforward.

5. They’re confused

A confused mind does nothing.

If you bombard your customer with too much information in your sales copy, you’ll confuse them and when they’re confused, they are unlikely to buy from you.

Make your sales copy simple and don’t give your customers too many options and information.

Make their decision easier and you’re more likely to make the sale.

6. They can’t see the picture

Paint a picture of what they’ll get when they use your product or service.

Use words that paint a picture and make your customer see, taste, smell, feel and hear the improvement in their lives after using your product.

7. You didn’t ask for the sale

The highest sin of all is to incite your customer and arouse their curiosity so much that they can’t wait to get your product.

Only to find out that you didn’t ask for the sale.

They’ll have their heads and go to your competitors.

The main reason for a business is to make a sale. So, if you don’t ask for the sale, you’re running a charity.

8. They don’t believe you

Your customers should believe that you can help them.

If they don’t, they won’t patronize you.

Show them in your sales copy that you know your onions and are the best option for them at the moment.

9. You don’t know your customer

Before writing a word of your sales copy, you should have your buyer persona hands down.

No room for ambiguity.

When you know who your customer is, you’ll be able to write a sales copy that’ll speak directly to the customer it’ll seem like you’re in their head.

10. You’re using big words

You’re not getting any awards as a grammarian. Especially when it comes to copywriting.

Simple words boost conversion.

Ensure that a sixth grader can read your sales copy and understand it.

11. Your writing is not conversational

Formal writing is for academic essays and journals.

In copywriting, you write as you talk.

Let the customer feel like you’re sitting across from him/her and telling them about your product and service and how it can help them.

12. Your sentences are too long

Website readers are lazy.

And if your sentences are long, they’ll be discouraged to keep reading.

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Use short sentences when writing your sales copy to keep your customers engaged.

13. Your paragraphs are too long

Just like in sentences, your paragraphs shouldn’t read like an essay.

People will get intimidated when they see huge blocks of words on your sales page.

I usually try to reduce my paragraphs to one or two lines.

14. You’re not using bullet points

Bullet points make reading your sales copy easy.

Use more bullet points in your sales copy to emphasize each point or benefit of your sales copy.

15. Your headline sucks

The main element of your sales copy is the headline; and if it sucks, nobody will read the rest of your copy…

And you’ll lose the sale.

Learn to write emotionally compelling headlines that will grab your reader’s attention immediately after they land on your page.

Also, your headline should get the reader to read the second line of your sales page.

16. Your lead doesn’t capture the reader’s attention

The lead of your sales copy is perhaps the second most important part of your sales copy, after the headline.

This part of the sales copy should get the reader invested in reading your sales copy.

17. No compelling CTA

Your call to action is where you ask for the sale.

And if you use the rehashed ‘buy now’ button, your conversion rate will be low.

What you should do is use active words to get people to take action.

For instance, if you want more profit, learn how to write highly persuasive copy.

18. You’re not showing the benefits of your product to your customer

This is why the customer wants your product in the first place.

And if you don’t show them the benefits in your sales copy, they’ll assume your product doesn’t have anything to offer them.

Always include benefits in your sales copy.

19. You don’t have a USP

Unless your product or service is completely new, there’s already a product that is similar to yours in the marketplace.

That’s why you should have a USP that differentiates you from the crowd of me toos.

20. No sense of urgency

When it comes to spending money, people will hesitate.

That’s why you should include urgency in your sales copy.

It could be a discount for a limited time.

Whatever the urgency is, use it in your sales copy to boost conversion.

21. You didn’t test

In sales and marketing (digital marketing to be exact), you must test everything.

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From your headlines to your lead, to your target, CTA, P.S, etc.

And when you find the winning formula, scale.

22. You didn’t edit

Nothing betrays your professionalism other than grammatical errors and typos in your sales copy.

Granted, people make mistakes and when your customer sees a typo in your sales copy, they know that you’re human and will forgive you.

But constantly having typos in your sales letter will make you come across as an amateur.

23. You didn’t build trust

People want to do business with people they trust.

How to build trust in your sales copy?

  • Include your credentials.
  • Include testimonials from customers
  • Show your track record

24. You’re talking about features instead of benefits

Yes, your customer wants to know what the product is.

But what they’re most interested in is what the product can do for them.

Your backpack has a tiny pocket at the side.

So what?

It helps keep your phones safe.

That’s a benefit.

25. You didn’t address objections

Buyers are skeptical, especially when buying online.

Address their objections in your sales copy.

Answer the questions in their head before they have the time to even think about them.

To know what your customer’s objections are, do some research on amazon, Reddit, or any social media platform.

26. Not enough white space

This works with shorter sentences and paragraphs.

Ensure there’s enough white space in your sales copy to rest the eyes of your reader.

This way, your reader easily goes down your sales copy to the CTA.

27. Your copy is boring

Never make your copy boring.

That will make customers flee from your sales copy.

Use powerful words, curiosity invoking words, and phrases that will keep your reader glued and interested in your copy and offer.

28. They don’t want your offer

No matter how good your sales copy is, if you’re offering your product to a market that doesn’t want it, no genie will save you.

Make sure that you’re offering your product or service to a starving audience.

If they truly want what you offer, half your job is done.

29. Not enough or no research

Research is one of the most important things to do as a digital marketer or copywriter.

Without this, you’ll be shooting blanks.

Before you write a word of copy, know who your customers are, what makes them tick, and the problem they want to be solved.

30. You haven’t built a relationship

In this modern-day, most people won’t buy from just anyone.

That’s why it’s important to build a relationship with your customers before presenting the offer.

Because once they know you, they’re much more likely to buy from you.

You can build a relationship with potential customers by building an email list and nurturing that list.

31. Your offer isn’t juicy enough

Maybe they want what you’re offering. And they’re reading your sales copy.

But your offer is not something that pushes them to want to make the offer.

Write your sales copy in a way that will have them mouth-watering for your product.

So much that they’ll borrow money to buy from you.


These are the 31 reasons your sales copy isn’t converting and getting you the sales you deserve.

Go through these tips and compare them with your current sales copy, if you find any infraction, correct it and send traffic to the sales copy.

Your conversion will increase.

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