Research Method That Boost Sales

Research Method That Boost Sales

In JSS 3, I took lessons in preparation for Junior WAEC.

One fateful day,

A friend of mine and I were outside and we saw this girl in our class.

We began chatting her up.

But to my surprise,

She paid more attention to him than she did to me.

It was like I wasn’t there.

I didn’t understand what was going on.

And I knew I was better looking.

You see, I’ve always been told how good-looking I am.

And this has made me NEVER try when it comes to women.

I never chase them.

They always come to me.

(Plus, I have no game because I never thought I needed one.)

So you can understand how this incident threw me by surprise.

My friend kept making her laugh and showering her with attention.

She was laughing and they were having a good time.

I felt like a third wheel.

and at that age…

I had no idea what to do.

So I left them alone… hurt.


As a copywriter or business owner,

Don’t assume your customer will come to you because you have a product or service that’ll help them.

You must research.

Know what they want.

And give them what they want.

In my case, this girl wasn’t after looks.

She wanted someone she can have fun with… I didn’t give this to her.

Before walking smugly to your prospect (or writing your sales copy)

Do your research

Know how they talk.

Know their pain points.

And know what makes them laugh or cry.

Without proper research,

Your sales copy will fail.

Before writing a single word of copy, find forums dedicated to your target audience.

Go on Amazon and read customer reviews for similar products.

Get on Reddit and find a subreddit of your target audience and product.

Write down everything you come across and

Notice recurring themes.

Do this until you’re satisfied you know everything about the product and your target customer.

This way, you’ll write a more compelling sales copy and…

Make more money fast.

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Maku Seun is a freelance copywriter and Direct Response Marketer. He helps digital marketers, coaches, and course creators boost sales by writing compelling sales letters for their products and services. If you’d him to write a sales letter for your business, click here.

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