5 Simple Sales Copywriting Tips

Sales Copywriting (How to Write A Sales Copy)

Would you like to know the best sales copywriting tips to boost conversion? Read on…

What is sales copywriting and how can you write a killer sales copy to win more clients for your business?

You will find out more about this in this post.

What is sales copywriting?

Sales copywriting is a piece of writing that aims to make the reader take a particular action. In this case, buying what you’re selling.

A sales copy can also be used to get the reader to download a free report, sign up for an email list, inquire about your service and join you on social media.

All these things will be accomplished through a sales copy.

Also, you can use a sales copy in your emails, ads, brochures, and web pages.

As long as what you’re writing has something to do with your business and getting your prospect to take a particular action, a sales copy is what you need.

Let’s begin with the 5 keys to writing a persuasive copy

The five keys you need to write a persuasive sales copy are:

  1. Engaging
  2. Credible
  3. Clear
  4. Concise
  5. Persuasive


If your sales copy is boring, there’s no way you’re making any sale let alone making your reader take whatever action you want them to take.

A boring sales copy is the worst thing that can happen to your sales copy.

You have to make your copy interesting and engaging. One that makes the reader eager to keep reading.

And how can you make your sales copy more engaging?

By focusing on the reader’s benefits.

It is a cardinal sin to blab on and on about your products and services and ignore the one thing your reader is thinking about. “How can this help me?”

Therefore, instead of talking about your products and services, talk about how your products and services can help your reader.

  • Talk about how your reader will feel when he/she tries your product.
  • Let them see what their lives will look like when they try your products or services.
  • Talk about them, them, them. That’s all they’re there for.

And if you can accomplish this, you would have fulfilled the first step of writing a persuasive copy.

Also, with just this tip, you will make more sales and improve your conversion drastically.

But don’t close the page yet, stay with me and discover more secrets that will help explode your sales.


People feel better when they work with people who know what they are doing.

If you needed to fix your plumbing, won’t you go to a plumber? Yes!

It’s the same with your reader.

For instance, if you’re selling a business coaching program, you cant introduce yourself as a lecturer, even if you lecture.

You’ll have to show the prospect that you are a business coach and you’ve helped other people increase their business sales through your coaching program.

How can you accomplish this?

Through testimonials.

Show your reader that you know your craft and can help them grow their business. 

This way, they’ll trust you more and will be more than willing to do business with you.

One MAJOR tip. Throw away all hype in your sales copy. 

Demonstrate to your reader why your product or service is the best for them.

Good sales copywriting is hype-free and demonstrates why your product makes readers’ lives better.


Unless you’re writing for a technical product using technical lingo that the target audience understands, you should write in a clear message that is easy to read and understand.

No Jibby Jabba.

Make the words you use easy to understand because nobody will go about looking for a dictionary to understand what you’re trying to say.

The internet is such a vast world with information at your reader’s fingertips that if you’re making things difficult for them, it’s one click away from your competitor’s website.

Therefore, no matter what you do, use simple, clear, and easy-to-understand words.


Get to the point and don’t try to use more words than necessary.

Rambling on and on about your product can turn your reader off.

Therefore, get to the point.

In writing a sales copy, it is in your best interest to say as much as is needed to say in your copy and no more than what is needed to be said.

This means that once you’ve sent your message across, stop there.

No need to try to fill the page with words to make it longer or look more professional.


This is the main target of every sales copy… to be persuasive because let’s face it…

If you can’t convince someone to do something, there’s no way you’ll make any sale.

This type of writing aims to encourage your reader to take action.

Persuasive copywriting is part art and part science.

Below are some copywriting tips you could use:

  1. Pick a topic you’re passionate about. You’ll do your best to persuade when it’s something you truly believe in. 
  2. Know your audience. 
  3. Hook the reader’s attention. 
  4. Research both sides. 
  5. Be empathetic. 
  6. Ask rhetorical questions. 
  7. Emphasize your point. 
  8. Repeat yourself.

Also, there are some powerful words to make people buy what you’re selling that you can use in your sales copy.

To understand how best you can use persuasive copywriting to boost sales, click here.

These are the 5 major keys to writing persuasive copy.

Sales Copy versus Web Copy: What’s the difference?

You should understand that sales copy and web copy are similar but different from web content.

Although you need to use persuasive copywriting when writing both web/sales copy and web content, it is important to know that they are different.

Put simply, web copy is sales copy written for the internet, and web content is to provide information to your reader without maybe trying to make the reader take any specific action.

Here’s are examples of website content:

Examples of website copy:

  • On-Page Text
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Updates
  • Product Descriptions (original)
  • Advanced Content (white papers, eBooks, guides)


There you have it.

Sales copywriting and how to write persuasive copy. 

Use the tips in this post to help you write better sales copy for your business or your clients and watch how sales increase for your brand.

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