How to Boost Sales with Stories

Stories for Persuasion

Discover how to use stories to better persuade your reader and help boost your conversion rate from okay to freaking awesome.

I’m sitting at my computer this morning

And trying to figure out what to tell you.

I know the lesson,

But I’m not sure how to start.

Because, when writing copy, it’s important to grab your reader’s attention in the first three seconds or you’ll lose them… resulting in bounce rates and loss of sales.

I see how many people open my emails, how many bounced off, and how many clicked.

Technology is amazing.

Fortunately for me, I usually have bounce rates of 0%.

Sometimes it goes to 0.44%.

But I’ve never had a bounce rate of up to 0.5%.

This tells me that you love reading my emails and I capture and hold your attention well.

So what’s my secret?



You’ve read some of my emails that start with storytelling and hold your attention until I tell you the lesson for the day.


We’re all hardwired to listen to stories.

We love them.

Right from our childhood days, stories have held us captive and glued to our chairs.

That’s why you should use them in your sales copies.

You can’t jump into selling without telling a story. (you can, but you’ll lose them and the sale)

When I began, I had no idea where to get stories from.

Some copywriters recommend that you read fiction novels.

I have zero patience for long-ass novels. (over 300 pages, as if I don’t have work)

So what I did was,

I downloaded apps for short stories.

These are amazing because I read them for 15 minutes tops and I can use them when writing a sales copy.

Reading these fictional stories, short or long, will show you how to write stories that hold attention.

Read fiction and you’ll have a good treasure chest of stories to use when writing a sales copy.

You can also use stories in your life.

It helps too.

She hated it.

And no one could convince her otherwise,

At least, not the wastes that called themselves salesmen.

The Rolls Royce was one ugly-ass car.

And being a woman of taste,

She wasn’t going to be caught dead in that thing.

A young salesman saw her reservation about the car and decided to give it one last shot.

He walked up to the high-class woman and said,

Everybody with class drives this car, and it’ll be shameful if you don’t look like you belong.”

Long story short,

The woman bought the car from the young salesman.


In copywriting,

Certain things nudge a prospect to take action.

These things are called psychological triggers.

And you’ve been influenced by a trigger… whether you realize it or not.

When you buy anything on Black Friday because the price of the product will go up after that day,

You’ve been influenced by the psychological trigger of fear and greed.


If you know that this trick works well for you,

Why the hell aren’t you using them in your sales messages?

Let me tell you something…

Rationality does not make sales.

Emotions make the sale.

People don’t buy because they’ve taken a ‘good hard look’ at the product and its features.


They buy because something in that message stirred an emotion in them that made them throw all reasons to the wind.

They’ll justify the purchase later with logic after they’ve bought it.

But for now, while they’re reading your sales letter,

All they can think about is how they might miss out if they don’t order now, how exclusive the product is, or even how others might see them when they use your product.


Without psychological triggers in your sales letter,

You might as well be throwing your hard-earned cash inside the trash can because you’re not going to be successful.

To learn what some of these psychological triggers are, get my copywriting course here.

In it, you’ll discover triggers that’ll multiply your sales instantly.

And you’ll also learn how to use each trigger in your sales letter to make more sales.



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