How to Take Action and Succeed Faster

Take Action

Here’s a story about why you must take action.

I met this lady about 3 years ago,

Her story is interesting.

She dropped out of school in Nigeria. She didn’t tell me why.

Yes, one more thing…

She smokes weed like a chimney.

She moved into my estate and on her first night in the estate, she saw me outside and asked how she could get a cab around.

That’s how we started talking.

From time to time, she’ll call me and we’ll hang out.

During these hangouts, she’ll finish 2 or 3 joints.

During our hangouts, she’ll talk about her dreams and aspirations.

She talked about how she wants to start a youtube channel.

She tells me what she wants to do and the type of life she wants.

Plus, she says all these with enthusiasm.

And to be honest, her enthusiasm was contagious and I was happy for her.

But here’s the problem…

She never took action.

She made 3 or 4 youtube videos. And that was it.

Her excuse was she wants it to be perfect.

With the perfect studio camera and lighting and background ambiance.

I told her, “Ignore the fancy techs and use your phone.“.

She has a compelling message people would love to hear but because she wants it to be perfect, she can’t move forward.

Till today, she’s still waiting for the perfect whatever.

It got to a point her meandering started interfering with my life.

And me that likes peace of mind, I had to do something about it.

Long story short, I blocked her.

Not just because of this, but because I could see that she wasn’t going anywhere and would likely take me with her.

Some time ago, she asked if I knew any yahoo boys.

How on earth will I know a yahoo boy?

Once in a while, I tell her about copywriting and how she can start.

You can tell from her face that she doesn’t want to do the work involved.

She’ll tell me to “plug her” into what I’m doing. And when I tell her, she’ll act like it’s too much work.

This is something that landed me a paying client in my very first week of doing cold outreach.

This goes to show that…

Unless someone is ready to get help, there’s nothing you can do about it.

What’s the lesson here?


Quit waiting for the perfect moment to start anything.

If you’re “wishing” to be a copywriter, take action immediately.

Because trust me, there’s no perfect time.

And if you’re scared, here’s a secret for you…

Just start! Take action.

Yes, start.

When you do, you’ll realize that you had nothing to be scared about in the first place.

I remember the first time I sent out a cold email, I was scared shitless.

But here’s the thing…

When I sent out that first email, nothing happened.

No giant wrecking ball fell from the sky and landed on my head.

It was so easy I wondered why I was afraid.

And that week, I landed my first paying client.

Since then, I haven’t gone back on sending cold emails.


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