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From the desk of: Maku Seun
Date: 24 September, 2022

Dear business owner,

If you want to write effective sales copies to double, triple, or quadruple your business and career, read every word of this letter! Here’s why:

In 2020…

I got a call from one of the biggest coaches in Nigeria.

He wanted me to write a sales letter and email copy for a new webinar he was planning. 

And the price for the webinar was N387,000 (It wasn’t cheap)

I wrote the sales letter and email copy using the new copywriting secret I’ll tell you about soon.

And during our next team meeting… 

He informed us that 300 people attended the webinar.

If you do the calculation…

That’s over N116 million Naira ($203,000) for just one offer.

Let me tell you another quick story: 

I was talking to a potential client about writing a sales letter for her 3-month membership program. 

She went through a campaign I ran for a product I owned (Because people only hire people who know their stuff)

When she saw my landing page copy… 

She screen-shotted it and posted it to her WhatsApp status with the caption…

“Copy that went to Harvard.”

And yes, I blushed. Don’t judge me.


If you want to write slam-banging sales copies that makes your bank suspicious…

Listen to everything I have to say in this letter! Because today, 

I’ll show you how to write amazing sales copies using the new copywriting secret I discovered during 8 years of honing my skill.

And here’s the thing…

The secret is so simple that anyone can do it.

And if you apply it to your emails, ads, and sales letters…

I guarantee your sales will double… instantly!

That’s the magic of this secret.

It can turn your business around overnight.

One more thing (before I reveal the secret),

This new secret is not meant for the public.

And you won’t find it anywhere else.

It’s the genie lamp world-class copywriters and business owners greedily rub to generate massive sales fast.

This secret eliminates the frustrating and painful trial-and-error period you go through when writing a sales copy.

Has this ever happened to you?

You write a sales copy…

Send traffic to it…

But nothing… no sale.

You make some tweaks. But still…


And even though you’ve studied blog post after blog post.

…read a few copywriting books.

…fallen down endless YouTube rabbit holes.

…maybe taken other copywriting courses – yikes!!

There’s still one issue.

Your sales copy isn’t working.

It’s not generating the sales you know you deserve.

This is what most business owners go through. 

And it’s frustrating

But if you’re sick and tired of it all…

If you’re sick and tired of the sleepless nights

If you’re sick and tired of twisting and turning all night with a knot in your stomach…

Wondering how you’re going to pay your staff, your children’s school fees, or take that long-needed vacation…

You’re in luck because today… 

I’ll reveal to you the…

nEW copywriting secret working like crazy right now...


Writing the type of sales copy to grow your business and earn you ungodly amounts of cash could take years of painful trial and error.


You might never even figure it out. 


You’re going to have it today. 

Read to the end of this letter to discover the secret.

And like I mentioned before

You won’t find it anywhere else!

I’ll tell you the secret soon, but first let me take you on a journey into your future.


   Writing an ad, a sales letter, and email copies that churn out cash for you daily.

   Living the life you’ve always dreamed of. A life of financial freedom and peace of mind.

   Never having to worry about where you’ll get your next client.

   Getting so many clients than you can handle that you start to drive them off with a stick.

   Being so good at writing sales copies that anything you promote sell like hot cakes.

That’s what this secret will do for you… plus many more.

Before I reveal this secret, let me introduce myself…

who am i and why should you listen to a word i have to say?

My name is Maku Seun and I’m a Direct Response Marketer and Copywriter.

I’ve written sales letters, emails, and ads for some of the biggest names and companies like Mashvisor, Lanre Olusola, Plaqad, Padebi Ojomo, Nayan Pathak, Temi Ajibewa, and many more from different industries.

One of my sales letters and email copy did over 116 million Naira in sales in one week. 

I have worked with many business owners and helped them write successful sales copies for their programs and courses, and I know what makes a sales copy successful and what makes one fail.

It wasn’t always like this. I failed many times. But then I studied everything I could on how to write successful sales copies.

And after years of studying winning sales copies, I have packaged everything I know and I’m going to give it to you for free under one condition, you apply the secret and tell me how it helped. 


With this secret, you will finally bypass the head-scratching, nail-biting process of coming up with the perfect sales copy for your business.

The Complete Copywriting Course

I applied the secret to a Facebook ad I ran and here is the result…

But first, let me show you the industry average for Facebook Ads and later you’ll see how my ads did compared to the industry average.

Now, below is the result for my own Facebook Ads.

Notice the difference with the industry average.

Let me break it down for you…

I’m in the B2B industry so we’ll use those stats:

The average click-through rate (CTR) for B2B is 0.78%. Mine is 5.85%.

The average cost per click (CPC) for B2B is $2.52 (N1,512). Mine is N14.23.

The average cost per action (CPA) of B2B is $23.77 (N14,264). Mine is N108.59.

And you’ll notice…

The average CTR across all industry is 0.90%. (Mine is 5.85%)

The average CPC across all industry is $1.72 (N1,032). (Mine is N14.23)

And the average CPA across all industry is $18.68 (N11,208). (Mine is N108.59)

As you can see from the stats above…

I know my stuff!


This is not some guru BS!

I’m in the trenches every day doing what I say…

And when you apply the secret I’ll show you today…

You can double, triple, and even quadruple your sales in hours… guaranteed!

But that’s enough talk!

What the heck is this miracle secret? 


The complete copywriting course

complete copywriting course
How to write compelling sales copies to boost your business and career || Get access to timeless copywriting formulas, templates and free tools.


The only resource you’ll need to boost sales in 24 hours and run circles around your competition!

Why 24 hours?


The secrets in this course are easy to apply.

All you have to do is… copy and paste the formulas and templates, make some tweaks and voila…

Your sales copies will spit out cash like a Llama in 24 hours.


It might even take a couple of hours.

That’s how powerful this course is.


As a smart business owner looking to boost sales and grow your business…

This course is all you’ll need to… 

Catapult your business and career to the next level.

This secrets in this course are the reasons small businesses become behemoths.

It’s the reason businesses come out of the red zone and experience massive growth.

And it’s the reason your business will become a force to be reckoned with.

here's what you get when you try this course today!

   How to instantly boost sales by 1325% in 24 hours: Use this secret Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique to boost your sales by 1325% in 24 hours.

   How to hypnotize your prospect: Use this hidden ‘slippery‘ secret to put your readers in a trance until they pull out their wallets and hand you their money. 

   How to write highly-effective headlines: Discover the secret to writing headlines that stop your prospects dead in their tracks and make them pay attention to you. 

   How to overcome the curse of the blank page: No more staring at a blank screen. Get free formulas and templates to write faster.  

   How to guarantee sales: Use one of these 12 powerful copywriting secrets, apply it, and smile to your bank as your sales skyrocket. 

   The fastest way to more sales: A few words that pack the most punch and make your reader’s heart melt and fall in love with you.

   How to set up camp in your prospect’s head: This secret technique will make your reader always think about you until they buy from you.

   The magic sales letter hack from the best copywriters: Use this simple trick to blow your sales through the roof.

   The mice technique: Want an insane number of sales? Don’t overlook this one simple ‘mice‘ technique. 

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   How to instantly turn prospects into customers: Use this powerful sentence to turn even the most hardened skeptics into raging fans.

   How to activate the depraved greed in your reader: Use this banned technique to make your reader salivate for your product.

   How to make your prospects beg you to collect their money: This illegal technique will make readers stand in line to give you their money. 

   How to flip features into benefits like a pro: Use this one question to flip features into blazing hot benefits your reader will eat up like candy. 

   How to spy on your readers: Use this under-the-table technique to make your prospects think you installed hidden cameras in their homes. 

   Your two new best friends for maximum sales: Discover the only two methods to create winning sales copies, ads, and emails for massive results. 

   How to grab and hold your reader’s attention: The withheld secret to grab your readers by the throat and command their attention in 3 seconds. 

   How to write emails that sell: Discover the secret technique copywriters use to write emails that get people to open, read, and click.

   How to turn your reader into a friend: Discover the little-known secret to make your prospects lower their guards and listen to you.

   DON’T make these mistakes: Discover the sales murdering mistakes you’re making with your sales copies no copywriter would dare tell you. 

   How to gently + ethically stoke people to act: Discover the coveted secret to make your readers take action immediately.

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   Forbidden secrets to grow a profitable business: They’re forbidden for a reason. Use them for good, not evil.

   How to write ads that sucks in leads and customers on automatic: Discover the secret to creating winning Facebook & Google Ads that produce new customers everyday on automatic.

   How to write a sales copy that attracts customers: Discover how to write a sales copy (whether sales letters or emails) to instantly double your sales.

   How to make your readers fall in love with your copy: Discover the ultimate secret word gurus won’t tell you about that make your readers eager to read anything that you write and even more eager to take action.

   How to write for the ultimate persuasion: Discover how to write website content, blog posts, and ads, to automatically increase your client base and boost sales forever!

And lots more. 

There is so much proven money-making information contained here… 

…You’ll be blown away!

what some people are saying

The Complete Copywriting Course
Mrs Padebi Ojomo
Owner, Social Media School
The Complete Copywriting Course
You have the skills, you have a really good grasp of your words. Keep doing it, man...
Nayan Pathak
Digital Marketer
The Complete Copywriting Course
The Complete Copywriting Course
The Complete Copywriting Course
The Complete Copywriting Course

more amazing benefits you get...

   EXPERT TIPS to give you a competitive advantage.

   REPEATABLE FORMULAS and timeless sales psychology tactics.

   BRILLIANTLY HANDY TEMPLATES you can overwrite… time and time again.

   IMMEDIATE LIFETIME ACCESS to all the systems and techniques you need to improve the conversion rate of every sales copy you’ll ever write.


   RINSE AND REPEAT FORMULAS that remove guesswork, head-scratching, and I-don’t-know-where-to-start crazy eyes.

   EXTENSIVE, TIME-SAVING TEMPLATES you can use again and again (just download and overwrite)

   DOZENS OF RESOURCES, downloadable PDFs, and At-A-Glance guides – worth the price of the course alone.

   ONE-YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you’re not completely satisfied.



All the tools you need to write killer sales copies to maximize profits and… 

Cause an explosive rise in sales. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are more mouth-watering benefits to smash your business and career through the roof.

But to access these benefits…

Plus the ‘forbidden sales letter secret‘ I discovered to turn your prospects into your personal lapdog…

Try the complete copywriting course today!


It doesn’t matter if you have ZERO experience

These techniques – plus the forbidden sales copy secret I discovered – are easy to apply.

Just plug it into your sales materials (emails, ads, and sales letters) and voila…

Your sales copy will churn out cash like a damaged ATM.

The great thing is… 

You don’t need any previous experience.

That’s because writing effective sales copies isn’t some mystical, unattainable skill only achieved by the lucky few sprinkled with unicorn dust. 

It’s a learned skill. 

I’m living proof that with just a few simple formulas and techniques… 

You will confidently write high-income sales copies too.

All you need is a laptop, this course, and a willingness to change your life and business.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey

As long as you sell to people using words…

This course will help you. 

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in

The secrets in this course works across ALL niches.

If you want to achieve your goals, it comes down to your WORDS…

Yes, the words in your sales copies.

And when you can write to persuade… 

Endless possibilities in life and business open up to you.

So if you’re looking to write the type of sales copy to grow your business and career…

Try this course now!

why you should try this course today... for fREE!

Yes, this secrets in this course are easy to implement and will boost your sales in 24 hours.

And there are other courses promising to teach you this skill.


Are they easy to remember? 

And more importantly… to REPEAT?

Do they offer simple techniques and formulas to make the process easier for you?

Do they offer a one-year money-back guarantee

Will they answer your questions immediately? 


They give you the same fluff you can get for free…

Take your money… 

And forget about you.

This course isn’t like that because…

Not only is this course designed to make you a money-breathing machine with your words…

It’s also easy to repeat. (Because if you can’t repeat what you’ve discovered, what’s the point?)


I promise you…

There are new, amazing tools, secrets, and techniques in this course you won’t find in any other course. (Yes, quote me on this!)

The information you’ll get in this course is from painful and frustrating trial and error on my part until I finally nailed it.


If you want an unfair advantage over your competitors,

If you want to run circles around your competition using the tools and techniques you will ONLY find in this course…

Try the complete copywriting course free… (I’ll soon tell you why it’s free)

And you’ll be writing high-income sales copies in no time… automatically and with ease. 

The end result…? 

More money in your bank account.

Here’s the thing…


You’ll have EVERYTHING you need to write sizzling, sparkling sales copies.

Sales copies that gets you massive results.

Which is the fancy way to say… 

More people will buy your stuff after reading your sales letters, emails, and ads… and you’ll make more money.

The fact is… 

Good sales copy motivates people to buy.


Try the complete copywriting course today for FREE!

And you’ll never suffer the teeth-gnashing, head-scratching frustration of low sales or fear of bankruptcy.


  • NO MORE going broke… If you need money, all you have to do is write a simple sales copy and watch your account balance rise.
  • NO MORE wondering how you’ll pay your staff…
  • NO MORE wondering whether you made a mistake becoming an entrepreneur…
  • NO MORE doubting your existence. And…
  • NO MORE sleepless nights.



Prove to your friends, family, and colleagues that you’re a big shot.

And NEVER worry about money again.


Get this value-packed course now and get these amazing free bonuses worth N240,000 ($593):

FREE BONUS #1: Becoming an Expert at Copywriting (Value: N20,000)

Discover how to write a powerful headline, discover the psychology of headlines, get headline examples and swipe files you can use.


Get power words used to evoke emotions in your sales letter.

317 Words to Spice Up Your Copy

FREE BONUS #3: Copywriting Simplified (Value: N25,000)

Discover the insider tricks to writing persuasive copy. Heavenly and insanely persuasive tricks to write copy that converts like a calculator.

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Discover the simple and proven step-by-step methods and techniques to creating hypnotic sales copy that turns visitors into eager-to-buy customers.

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Master the most powerful marketing secret in the world using the simple and highly-effective secrets in this book.


27 simple words to make any prospect kneel, open their wallets, and beg you to take their money.

One sentence persuasion

SPECIAL BONUS #7: The Copywriter’s Handbook (Value: N25,000)

Everything you need to know about selling online. Discover Hidden copywriting secret you didn’t know about.

SPECIAL BONUS #8: 12 Easy Steps To Awesome Copy (Value: N5,000)

12-step outline to easily produce great sales letters that get results.

SPECIAL BONUS #9: The Copywriter’s Swipe File Vault (Value: N50,000)

Write copy fast. Inside, you will discover all the swipe files you will ever need to write a sales copy fast.

100% iron-clad, one-year, money-back Guarantee

I guarantee that if you try this course today and your sales don’t skyrocket…

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You can keep ALL the free gifts as a way of saying thank you for giving this course a try.

There’s no risk on your part!

Why this ballsy guarantee?


I don’t want your money if you don’t get anything out of this course.

In one year…

If you feel this course didn’t deliver on its promises,

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Is that fair or what? 

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It takes the weight off, doesn’t it?

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So here’s the real question:

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I’ve gone through the pain. Now you don’t have to. 

Use the secrets in this course to take your business and career to the next level.

hurry, because this offer will be gone soon!

Right now… 

Your competitors are learning how to write better sales letters, ads, and emails to grow their business.

And soon, they’ll run you out of business if you don’t take action immediately.


This course contains withheld secrets in the online business world.

But you have an advantage because…

I’m going out on a limb here and offering it to you at an ridiculously low price

And let’s face it, 

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Try this course today, risk-free… 

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If you see the enormous value in this offer…

Jump on it now.

But if you have any hesitation 

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It means you’re not ready to grow your business and career. 

"okay maku, what's my investment for this course?"

At N75,000 you’d be stealing this course.

And if you don’t see that… 

If you don’t see by now that this incredible life-changing course can boost your sales by over 10X your investment… 

This is not for you.

You’re not ready to grow your business.

Pass on this opportunity because I don’t want to waste your time and mine.

This is for the smart business owner who recognizes…

What you’ll discover in this course can make you a fortune… quickly.

This is not opinion 

It’s fact!

Everything you need to grow your business is in this course.

That’s why people are SHOCKED that it’s only N60,000.

That’s right. 

N60,000 is a painless drop in the bucket compared to what you’ll earn when you apply the secrets in this course.

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If you try this course today…

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N40,000 is only N110 daily.

Less than the amount you spend on data.

What's the catch?

Why am I practically giving this incredible resource away?


This course is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

When you apply the secrets…

And notice massive growth in your business and career…

You’ll be happy and I’ll be happy. 

Let’s just say… 

This complete copywriting course is a bribe for a lifetime of a profitable relationship between us.

It's up to you!

Now that I’ve shown you this no-risk way to write amazing sales copies… 

The next move is up to YOU.

If you’ve read this far…

You have a strong interest in growing your business and career. 

All that’s left is to take action.


If you want to…

  • Stop gambling on how well your business will do…
  • Turn ordinary responses into record-breaking profits…
  • Take control of how much more profitable your business can be…


You owe it to yourself to… 

Take full advantage of this limited, N20,000 discount, risk-free offer today before it’s too late…

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Don’t delay any further. 

Every moment that passes by may be another lost sale.

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