The Slippery Slide: How To Get Prospects To Read Your Entire Sales Copy

Let’s talk about the slippery slide.

Imagine for a moment.

You’re going down a slide

And before you start your descend

Someone pours oil all over the rubber slide,

And again, all over your body.

You sit and allow gravity do its thing.

On your way down…

Imagine trying to hold on to the rails of the slide to stop yourself.

How successful will you be?

You won’t.

There’s nothing you can do but wait until you get to the bottom of the slide.

This is how your reader should feel when reading your sales copy.

Your sales copy should put your reader in a trance-like state.

As soon as they read the beginning of your sales copy…

They shouldn’t stop until they get to the end.

After which, they wake up from the trance.

How can you do this?

Use hooks and open loops to arouse curiosity.


The job of your headline is to get the reader to read the subheadline.

The job of the subheadline is to get the reader to read the first sentence

And, the job of the first sentence is to get the reader to read the second sentence.

So, what is the job of the second sentence? (Let me know in the comment section below)

And if you got it right, you’re on your way to becoming a world-class copywriter.

Do you see a pattern here?

How can you do this?

How do you get the reader to read each line until they get to the end of your sales letter?

Use the slippery slide method.

Put an element of curiosity in each line that they can’t stop until they read the next sentence.

Do this until you get to your call to action.

After which, they wake up from the trance.

Do this and your sales copy will easily convert prospects like a high-powered calculator.

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